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When you are travelling in Geiranger, a fjord cruise is a must, we believe there is no better way than a magical fjord cruise in order to experience the true heritage. Mid fjord you will be served a nice and tasty snack. If you want and the conditions allows it, you can even have a dip into the clear and refreshing fjord waters. Take one of the fishing lines and try to catch something!  It doesn't get fresher and better than that.

With maximum capacity of 12 we provide a personalized and intimate environment for our guests that joins us for a Fjord experience.

Jump into the fresh clear fjord waters.

Relax on deck and enjoy the world herritage.

The experience includes: Sail boat excursion with 2 hrs navigation Stops to take photos & learn about the Area Drop the fishing line and try to catch the catch of the day If the weather allows it, have a dip into the crystal clear refreshing fjord water!

This is a unique and exclusive Norwegian experience: Coffee, tea, and water A certified friendly Captain + 1st mate + Ship puppy Bathroom with vacuum marine toilet and washing facilities Safety vest   

What to bring: Sunscreen, glasses, Swimming suit in case you want to dip into the crystal clear fjord waters Towel The Norwegian weather can change fast, so bring some layers.  A thin rain jacket can be useful



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Wo ist Sightseeing Geirangerfjord from our sailing yacht?

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