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The fjord cruise has departures every Saturday in July.

Hylsfjorden is located in the far north of Ryfylke, in a fjord arm of Sandsfjorden. It is one of the most spectacular fjords in the region, where it cuts through high mountains and idyllic settlements. Today, the fjord is perhaps among the most hidden treasures in Ryfylke, but the fjord has a rich history as one of the most important trade routes between east and west in the 19th century. Hylsfjorden ends in Hylen where Hylen power station is located. The power station is protected, and is part of Northern Europe's largest hydropower development - Ulla Førre.

On a cruise in the Hylsfjord, you get to experience magnificent nature, idyllic villages, exciting stories and short-distance local food from Suldal and Ryfylke.

A local guide shares stories from the villages and farms along the fjord, and from the time the fjord was an important trade route between the east and west.

During the trip you can taste a selection of locally produced food from Ryfylke. This is included in the price.

On the way back the boat stop by the charming fjord village of Sand, among white wooden houses, market sales and good experiences close to the fjord. Here are local shops, cafes and outdoor seating by the fjord. It is also possible to join a village walk through the city center.

Sand is also the outlet for the 22-kilometer-long salmon river Suldalslågen. It is known for its wild salmon stock, and only 10 minutes walk from the center you can experience Sandsfossen and see the wild salmon in Norway's first salmon studio. Here is also Høsebrua bridge, which is a famous architect-designed footbridge over Suldalslågen.

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Helgøy Skyssbåt

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NOK 1.099


  • Hylsfjorden
  • 4230 Sand
901 03 555


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  • Sommer

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