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Would you like to do some ski touring in Norway but you are not familiar with the area? Do you dream about skiing down towards the fjord? Then you should join us for a ski touring week in Stranda, Norway. We have put together a great skiing week for the dedicated skier who's keen to explore the Norwegian fjord region on a pair of skis. 

The Sunnmøre alps

The Sunnmøre alps is famous for its alpine and jagged peaks and stunning fjord views. The mountains peak at around 1,500 m and,  when the conditions are right, we have the opportunities to ski all the way down to the fjord. Stranda makes a great starting place for ski touring in Norway, and is only an hour drive from Ålesund,  Ørsta/Volda, Geiranger, Stryn, Stordal, Hjørundfjord and Hornindal.

History about the area Many first ascents in the area were made by famous British mountaineers like William Cecil Slingsby and Charles Watson Patchell in the early 1900s. They came back year after year and have left a lasting mark on the area. Patchell also set up Patchell-hut at the foot of Mt Slogen, whereas Slingsby established his own climbing route(Slingsby-route) up from Villa Norangdal to the top of Mt Kvitegga.

Equipment rental

We are renting out ski touring equipment, avalanche equipment, iceaxes, crampons and much more. We recommend you to book this equipment before you arrive. Everyone who's on a guided trip together with us will get a special-deal on rental of avalanche equipment, when you book your trip you'll get a discount code that you can use on our rental platform.

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