A long weekend full of ski touring in perhaps Norway's most beautiful ski mountain, good accommodation and delicious food. These are the days where you will experience one of the best mountains in Sunnmøre for skiing.

We stay in the local hotel in Stranda, named Stranda Hotel that will give us a lot of flexibility to move according to the weather and snow conditions. We have got mountains just outside the door, but also have the possibility to cross over Storfjorden. We set up the tours according to your wishes, but will go there where it's best on that day with regards to snow, weather, and avalanche safety.

The ski tour

On this trip we will enjoy incredible views and good skiing. Moreover, throughout the trip you will receive several tips and tricks so that you can enjoy your tours even more. This is an opportunity to get more educated on snow and avalanche conditions, and not to forget have a focus on a good descent with the right choice of lines.

Goal for the ski touring weekend in Sunnmøre We will have a strong focus on teaching you as much as possible based on what your former abilities are. We will do are utmost best so that you will experience fjords and mountains with the most fantastic views over Storfjorden. You get to experience good snow so that you will have a good skiing adventure and some true culture from Sunnmøre.

Our home for the weekend

We stay at a good hotel placed in the small town on Stranda and we will be served two-course dinners every day with the best local dishes for as long as the season allows it. A couple of minutes hike we have our coffee bar and hang-out Hygge where you can enjoy a good afterski with local snacks.

Who would this ski touring trip fit for?

This is a weekend for you who wants to go out touring in the Sunnmøre Alps and at the same time learn more about skiing and culture. This way you can take a breather from the hectic everyday life, eat good food, and not least be guided to the absolute best snow.

Equipment rental

We rent out ski touring equipment, avalanche equipment, ice axe, crampons etc. We recommend to book this in advance when you go on a trip with us as the rental section tends to be fully booked throughout the season. Everybody who joins us on a guided tour will receive a special price on the rent of avalanche equipment. During the booking of the trip you will receive a discount code that can be used for the booking of rental equipment on our website.

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