Hike overview

Solvorn –Setålen:
Solvorn-Setålen is a hike that takes about 1 hour. Start by following the old farm road until you meet the forest road. Here you have two choices:

Follow the forest road until you reach the path at the east side of Setålen. This is the easiest choice. The other choice is to take to the right at the junction, follow the forest road for about 100 meters, and take off and follow the old farm road up Langebakken to Setålen. 

Setålen – Fjellstølen:
This hike takes about 1/2-1 hour. The path turns in steep terrain - first through pine forest, then through birch forest, before the terrain opens up and you enter Fjellstølen with a nice view over Lustrafjorden.

Fjellstølen – Solvorn-nipa
The continuing hike to Solvorn-nipa takes about 1 ½ hour. The path is marked inward Hestdalen, passing the watershed towards Sogndal. The path continues up through birch forest over Blåberg. The landscape opens up at the backside of Solvorn-nipa, and you get a nice view to Barnsesfjorden and Sogndal. Over the forest it is possible to walk most places to the cairn at the top, 1031 meters above sea level. At the top you can enjoy nice views to Vetle-Haugmelen at south-east, Sogndal at south-west, and inwards the Lustrafjord to Jotunheimen.


  • Sjøtun 22
  • 6879 Solvorn

Wo ist Solvorn - Setålen – Fjellstølen – Solvorn-nipa?