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Where can I paddle SUP in Åkrafjorden?

Usually the SUP board is already inflated when you rent it. Åkrafjorden Nature will help you transport it to wherever you need it. We recommend starting at Fjæra in the centre of the fjord and paddling outwards to Mosnes and Langfoss. If you paddle further, past Mosnes and Langfoss, it is possible to find a quiet cove or headland where you can be completely alone. You can also take your board to nearby Rullestadvatnet lake.

What is included when I rent a SUP?

A high quality board, life jacket and paddles are included when you rent a SUP at Åkrafjorden Nature B&B. If you want to take it to other waters, a backpack and pump are also included.

How old do I have to be to rent a SUP in Åkrafjorden?

You must be 18 years old or accompanied by an adult to rent a SUP. Basically, no previous experience is required to rent a SUP. You can get guidance and tips from the hosts at Åkrafjorden Nature if you wish.

Other activities at Åkrafjorden Nature

Åkrafjorden Nature also offers via ferrata climbing of varying degrees of difficulty, canyoning, guided hiking and guided snowshoeing. They also have their own indoor climbing wall.

Accommodation at Åkrafjorden Nature

Åkrafjorden Nature B&B is also a cosy accommodation with ten rooms of varying sizes.

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