It is possible to cycle both around and across the mountain between Onarheim and Uggdal (Fv 79 road), or take a detour out to Reksteren (Fv 83 road), the second biggest island in the municipality. The roads in Tysnes are generally narrow and follow the terrain. There is generally light traffic. A trip around Tysnes is a concentrated experience of western Norway. Along the road, you will see cultural monuments from the Iron Age up to the modern day. It is easy to get to Bergen, Leirvik or Rosendal from Tysnes. Leirvik - Hodnanes - Onarheim - Gjermundshamn - Løfallstrand - Rosendal: If you come from Leirvik, take the ferry from Jektevik to Hodanes. From here, you can follow the Fv 78 road to Lunde. After 5 km, you will pass the lime kiln at Flakka, a relic from the time when they extracted lime from quarried stone in the area and exported it to England, among other places. You will also pass Onarheim, which in the 14th century was the seat of the Onarheimsgildet guild, and on to Årbakka with its burial mounds, standing stones and the old trading station. After Hovland, follow the signs towards Lunde, past Vevatnet lake, where it is believed that gods were worshipped in pre-Christian times. You can catch a glimpse of mount Tysnessåto, 753 metres above sea level. From Lunde, you can take a left on the Rv 49 road towards Våge, take the ferry across to Halhjem and continue on to Bergen. Alternately, you can take a right on the Rv 49 road towards Gjermundshamn. The next 30 km of the route are through forest terrain and along the fjord. There is a great view of the fjord from the Lukksundbrua bridge. Ølve is a beautiful village with great views of both the Kvinnheradsfjella mountains and mount Hovlandsnuten. In Gjermundshamn, you take the ferry across to Løfallstrand (25 min.), and then cycle 5 km on to Rosendal.

A separate brochure, Sykkelstreif i Njardarlog - i historiske fotefar på Tysnes (cycling in Njardarlog – following historic footsteps on Tysnes), has been published.


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