Do you want to experience Ulvik from a new perspective? Hop aboard the kayak with an experienced guide and glide through the fjord and local history of Ulvik.

During the 'Guided Kayak Ulvik' experience, you will paddle around the shoreline of the Ulvik fjord. Along the way, your guide will entertain you with stories about historical events and local traditions. You will learn about how people lived, and how nature was used in everyday life. After about two hours of kayaking, you will go ashore on a small island in the fjord where you will receive a demonstration of key survival skills, such as making fire, identifying edible plants, and how to build a makeshift shelter. After these mini workshops, you will once again take to the water to follow the last part of the shoreline back to the kayak dock.


  • Tyssevikvegen 31
  • 5730 Ulvik
+47 91 18 82 37

Wo ist Ulvik by kayak with Be Active?