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Parking: Drive highway 55 to Turtagrø. Park at car park across the road from the Turtagrø hotel.

Start hike:  Take the path from the hotel, or walk hw 55 downhill. Take the first road to the right to the summer mountain farm of Gjesingane. From here take the path to Vardanosi, Stølsdalen and Nørdstedalen.

The path runs upward towards the stone dump that was created during the building of the hydroelectric power station at Fortun in the 1950's and 60's. Above the stone dump we pass a small dam that is part of the huge system of dams and tunnels to bring water to the power station in the valley.

At the height of 1090 meters we cross the Gjesingane river. At 1160 m. we turn westward towards the Vardanosi. The path is well marked but not always visible in the terrain. In the area we find several small tarns where you can go bathing while enjoying the spectacular view of the peaks of Hurrungane.

Vardanosi offers a wonderful view of the western part of Jotunheimen and also part of Breheimen. To the west we see Jostedalsbreen (The Jostedal glacier), to the south-west Lusterfjorden and the surrounding mountains. To the south the majestic Hurrungane-massif with the Skagastølstindane (tind = peak) and to the east the mountains Fanaråken and Steindalsnosi.

Store Skagastølstind (Storen 2405 m) is Norway's third highest mountain and a very popular climb for mountaineers from all over the world. William C. Slingsby was the first one to climb Storen in 1876. When mountaineers came to Turtagrø bringing their family with them, the wives often made the hike to Vardanosi while their husbands were climbing in Hurrungane.

Turtagrø is still the best starting point for climbing in the mountains of Jotunheimen.


  • Sognefjellsvegen 6664
  • 6877 Fortun

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