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The exposed, windswept and roadless Vetvika was completely abandoned in 1951. Despite there being plenty of fish and space for livestock, it was simply too inconvenient to live in a place that was cut off from the outside world for three months during winter, due to storms at sea and snow in the mountains. All that remains today are the ruins of old farms, telephone poles, and protected cemetery and its nine graves.

In Vetvika, the fine chalk-white sand beach meets the azure-blue sea where the waves roll in from the open ocean. The green slopes, with unusual plant species growing on the sand dunes that stretch right up to the vertical black cliffs that surround the bay, are testament to the violent winter storms that blow in from the west.

Camping at Vetvika and watching the sunset over the ocean is an unforgettable experience. Vetvika is a three-hour walk on a mountain trail from Svarstad in Bremangerlandet.

There is no public transport to Vetvika. If you want to take a boat, you must arrange this privately. If arriving by sea, you can visit the islet of Veststeinen, which is two kilometres outside the bay. Veststeinen is a nesting place for a number of seabirds such as puffins and is also home to a large population of seals. Veststeinen is protected and going ashore during the nesting season is prohibited. If you have a surfboard, there are often perfect surfing conditions in Vetvika bay.

Quelle: Nordfjord


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