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Travel by bus from Kristiansund to Åndalsnes via Molde. The bus connection corresponds with the train departures at the Rauma railway from Åndalsnes to Dombås. Buy one-way-tickets on the website, these can easily be display digitally on your mobile.


From Kristiansund to Molde, the bus runs via Frei and Batnfjorden. Sit back and enjoy the view of the beautiful mountains and fjord landscape. The bus makes a stop in the center of Molde. At some departures you will have some spare time to look around in Molde before the bus continues to Åndalsnes.

The mountaineerig capital Åndalsnes, is a nice small town with an idyllic location between the fjord and the steep mountains. In this place you have a range of opportunities to gather memorable nature experiences and activities such as SUP paddling on boards in the rivers, climbing and mountain hikes at all levels.

Voice of Norway - your audio guide during the bus trip

Voice of Norway is a free audio guide that can be downloaded to your phone from App Store or Google Play. Voice of Norway uses the GPS technology in your mobile phone to give location-based information during the bus trip. The information is given by readings, pictures, text and links.

Get access to the audio guide

  • Open the app
  • Select Providers and FRAM
  • Download the guide Kristiansund - Atlanterhavsvegen - Molde (one way) for the section Kristiansund-Molde and the guide Molde - Åndalsnes (one way) for the section Molde-Åndalsnes.
  • Questions regarding the guide should be directed to support@voiceofnorway.no

Practical information

  • Bus departure from Kristiansund traffic terminal
  • The bus runs via Molde, and from Molde to Åndalsnes via the ferry Sølsnes-Åfarnes. The bus travels with the ferry and the ferry ticket is included in the bus ride.
  • Note that the bus ticket is a one-way-ticket, and remember to book yout return ticket from Åndalsnes to Kristiansund when you plan to heaad back.


  • Bussavgang fra Kristiansund trafikkterminal
  • 6509 Kristiansund
+47 71 28 01 00



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