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Nersetra is a larger farm that Kristiansund and Nordmøre Trekking Association (KNT) took over in 2001. Background for this takeover was that the association wanted to use the farm as a base for the Children's Trekking Club, and also to establish a self-service quarter on the Fjord Route. Nersetra consists of the main house, storehouse, barn, fire house, equipment building, smithy and a summer barn. The main house is used by school classes and a complete trail is prepared.

The area is well suited for short trips on Ertvågøya, i.e. to Ertvågfjellet (652 metres above sea level), and the river that runs right by makes a nice playground and bathing spot for children. The farm may also be rented for private gatherings. With trails from Imarbu and to Rovangen, the farm is a natural stop on the Fjord Route. The cabins are openly and beautifully located on the hill east of Grøneng on the east side of Foldfjorden in Aure municipality. The view to the west is beautiful; to Stabblandet and the mountains further West.

Total amount of beds: 51. The cabins are locked with a standard DNT-key, which one may get at KNT's office. It is also worth noticing that Nersetra is the only cabin along the Fjord Route with a shower, which is available in the basement of the main house. The key is in the kitchen in the storehouse.

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  • 6694 Foldfjorden
71 67 69 37

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