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The inner quay in Haugesund is sheltered from weather and has good port facilities for both commercial and leisure boat traffic. The pier is a popular place with restaurants, Nightlife and various festivals throughout the summer season.

Just north of Risøy bridge, a guest harbor has been established which is very well adapted for leisure boats. At the outriggers, boats up to 9.5 meters can be moored, larger boats can either be laid outside the guest pier or along the quay.

For safety reasons, maximum 2 boats is allowed double banking. We encourage you to avoid mooring in front of rescue ladders, and it should also be avoided to use live candles on board the boats. Garbage can be thrown in the environmental station near the guest pier.

Haugesund guest harbor is located right in the center of Haugesund with all the City centre's facilities within walking distance.


Servicefacilities Inner harbour, Haugesund

Haugesund Gjestehavn offers shore power that you can connect to for an additional fee. There are also service facilities with shower, laundry and toilet facilities. When it comes to rubbish disposal, there is an environmental station right next to the guest harbour. It costs NOK 10 to use the public toilet.

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