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'Then he told of Åndalsnes, a small town up in Romsdalen surrounded by high mountains, where it was so beautiful that his mother had always said that this was where God had begun when he created the world, and that he had spent so much time on the nature in Romsdalen that the rest of the world had to be done in a hurry to be finished by Sunday. - Jo Nesbø, The Batman

Center for mountain sports

Romsdalen is a center for mountain sports in Norway known for its iconic montane terrain. Rauma has been called the «world's best municipality for nature-loving people». Here you will find a wide range of hiking opportunities throughout the year.

Åndalsnes – the mountain capital

This "capital of the mountains" is located at the mouth of the river Rauma in Romsdalsfjorden - surrounded by high mountains and sharp peaks of up to 1800 meters. Some of the most famous mountain areas are Romsdalseggen, Venjetindane and Trolltindane with the steep Trollveggen showing the most prominent formations. In addition, you can experience the impressive Trollstigen.

Åndalsnes has around 3,000 inhabitants including surrounding areas. The town is the administration center for Rauma municipality in Møre og Romsdal. Tindehovedstaden is an important communication center in the county. Here, industry, trade and service meet in magnificent nature in the inner Romsdal.

Raumabanen – the world`s most beautiful train journey

The Rauma line is for those traveling by train - the gateway to Møre og Romsdal. The train ride between Åndalsnes and Dombås has several times been named Europe's most scenic train journey by Lonely Planet. At Dombås the Rauma line and the Dovre line meet, offering further connections to Trondheim and Oslo.

Where recreation is about reconnecting and using your senses

Åndalsnes has a broad range of diverse activities on offer. Experience the valley with the emerald green river Rauma, the steep mountain slopes, beautiful bridges, lush waterfalls and spectacular vantage points. The mountain capital Åndalsnes is sandwiched between fjords and mountains and forms a natural starting point for an active holiday all year round. By choosing guided mountain tours and climbing excursions, you will find your way to the hidden gems.

The meeting point on the mountain

The mountain Nesaksla has become an increasingly popular hiking destination. Hikers from Romsdalseggen, Romsdalstrappa and the viewpoint Rampestreken as well as Romsdalsstigen Via Ferrata congregate here. In 2021, both The Romsdalen Gondola and Restaurant Eggen opened - which offers a wide range of food experiences and activites at 708 meters above sea level.

A plethora of activities

If you love skiing, there are many good opportunities both with and without a guide. In addition, mountaineering courses and ski festivals are presented, such as Romsdalsvinter and Pudderfestival in Romsdal. Popular activities in the summer include climbing and other sports in Rampestreken, Trollveggen and Trollstigen, a train ride with Raumabanen, SUP on the river Istra and camping in Åndalsnes. The Norwegian Mountain Festival is held in July every year where mountain and outdoor life fans meet. If music festivals are more your thing, you can participate in the August highlight Raumarock.

National labelling scheme for travel destinations

The Rauma society makes a special effort in taking care of the environment, tourists visiting in Åndalsnes in Romsdalen as well as their surroundings and distinctive culture. In 2021 the destination was awarded The Label for Sustainable Destinations by Innovation Norway. This certification proves that the community works together on systematic and targeted sustainability improvements. Their development process is measured and evaluated every three years.

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Travel inspiration

Articles written by our team of local guides and experts to give you an insight into the range of experiences to explore in the Northwest region. Figure out what you would like to see on your trip and then add specific activities, accomodation, places to eat and transport in your custom trip planner.

What to see and do

Read more about these highlighted places and attractions in Northwest.

Ski touring at Tarløysa (1086 m.a.s.l.)

This is a short ski tour where you get a fantastic view without putting too much effort in climbing height meters. The tour is a great choice for all skiers appreciating stunning views and slow skiing rather than demanding descents and wild downhill rides.   From Holmemstranda, RV64, drive the toll road to Nysetra, up to the parking area.  Start the ski tour from the parking area, move on between the cabins. A little heavy start through the shrubs, but the landscape soon opens up, and you can enjoy the magnificent view over the Romsdal Fjord, Molde town, wild mountain peaks and even to the coast line of the North Sea. Follow the left edge (West direction), up to the edge where you have excellent view down to Herjevatnet Lake. After the first cairn on the top, there is a nice flat stage before the last piece that follows a sharp ridge to the summit.  On top there is a small stone cottage where you can seek shelter if the weather is bad. Warnings - Cornice hazards! Always keep a good distance from the edges and mountain crest. On the way to the top and on top of the mountains there are visible and non-visible snow cornices with unpredictable sizes! For your own safety: Keep a good safety margin, and do not move near the edges! Always stay alert, stay up to date on the avalanche forecast and always keep a third eye open on wind and rapid temperature changes. Check the latest updated avalanche forecasts for Romsdal here:  varsom.no  The weather circumstances and snow conditions can soon change. Always pay attention to the risk of snow avalanches when planning for your ski touring experience. Ski touring in Romsdalen requires competence in analyzing the data from weather and avalanche risk reports and forecasts. For your own safety seek sufficient information in the planning process. Read about the mountain and consider the avalanche problem in the area you are in. A warning is an aid, not a facit. Always make your own reviews locally. You customize your own risk in vulnerable areas by choosing when, where and how you go. Make the safe choice! We always recommend to bring a ski guide, for your own safety, and because the guides knows where to find the best snow, in all kind of weather. The ski guides in Romsdalen are high skilled, acting professional, and have valuable experience and local knowledge. Some of the ski guides have fulfilled the NORTIND certified guide program, and are trained to high, international standards for working with people in challenging mountain terrain. Look for the NORTIND and IFMGA autorization emblems on the guide companies' pages. Useful maps and readings: Romsdalsfjella, Hiking map for Romsdal. Målestokk 1:80 000. Recommended book to read before ski touring in Romsdalen is "Ski touring in Romsdalen" by Halvor Hagen. Belonging map to Ski touring in Romsdalen:  "Kart til skifører"  by Halvor Hagen   Can be purchased in the local book store Romsdal Libris in Åndalsnes, and at Norsk Tindesenter - the Norwegian Mountaineering Centre.  

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