As a European City of Culture, World Heritage City and UNESCO City of Gastronomy, Bergen offers world-class experiences and culture.

Strolling around the old streets and alleyways is an adventure in itself. People have lived and worked in these streets of small higgledy-piggledy wooden houses for hundreds of years.

Wander around the Fish Market and experience the throngs of people. Visit Bergen Aquarium and see the fish, penguins and seals. Wander along Bryggen wharf, inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, and on to the old fortress of Bergenhus. Stop by one of the many museums and galleries. Fløyen, Ulriken and the other mountains that surround Bergen aren’t far from the city centre, and you can enjoy panoramic views of the city, fjord and sea from these mountains.

Bergen is surrounded by a fjord landscape, and there are lots of sightseeing and fjord trips of varying lengths you can do that will give you memories for life. You can buy tickets at the Tourist Information.

Bergen is not all that big in a European context, but the city has a very diverse entertainment scene with lots of great festivals, concerts and shows. The city also has a flourishing food scene with several internationally recognised restaurants and a culinary community of creative chefs who enjoy preserving, developing and communicating local food culture and gastronomy, and who exquisitely combine ingredients, season and creativity.

We have passion for the ocean

The ocean has a magical way of capturing our attention and Fjord Norway’s coast is no exception. Experience our sandy beaches, go surfing, try kayaking among a myriad of islands and reefs or just be present in the moment. Meet welcoming locals, taste fantastic seafood and share our passion for the ocean!

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