Flørli has a large Jugendstil hydropower factory from 1918, which today has been taken out of service and holds a free exhibition about the Flørli history as well as a summer-open café.

Flørli is popular for its stairs of 4444 steps up the mountain, the longest wooden stairway in the world. It is also a good starting point for other scenic hikes around the fjord. Flørli offers apartments, rooms and hostel dorms for its guests and tasty Norwegian dining in the café. Canoes and kayaks are for hire to those wishing to hit the fjord.

You should disembark in Flørli to appreciate the historic village in its idyllic fjord setting - indeed one of the finest gems Fjord Norway has to offer.

To get to Flørli, you must either take the expressboat, tourist ferry, fjord cruise or hike over the mountain from, among others, Vinddalen or Lysebotn.

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