Norwegian holiday skiing? Sledging? Snowboarding? Imagine the kids playing in the snow while you and your loved one enjoy coffee in the winter sun? Comfortable cabins with fireplace, practical apartments close to the ski centre or hotel rooms with ski lifts right outside the door. Eat at a restaurant or prepare your own food. It is your choice. Plan today to avoid unforeseen surprises along the way. The only thing that could surprise you is if your children for once didn't argue.

Snow and family fun in Sirdal

Sirdal is only 1.5 hours drive from Stavanger, so winter paradise is not far away. Do you dream of a getaway to a Norwegian winter paradise and winter vacation? We are so lucky that our country can offer both popular summer and winter attractions!

​​​​​Summer in Sirdal

Sirdal is first and foremost a favourite place for winter activities, with ski lifts, a hotel and several cabins and cottages. But did you know that Sirdal is also nice to visit in summer? Activities that can be mentioned are climbing park, mountain cart, hiking, fishing and lots of fun at Sirdal husky farm.

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