Huge parts of the Jæren beaches are protected landscape areas

They also include a variety of astonishing birds and plants. Norwegian Scenic Route Jæren is one of the 18 Norwegian Scenic Routes in Norway. The route takes you through some of the most stunning of Norwegian nature, amazing viewing points and adapted resting areas with exciting architectural features. Norwegian Scenic Route Jæren is often described with words such as high sky, wide horizons and endless sea. Its characteristics are ever-changing weather and light, miles of sandy beaches and sand dunes that are replaced by pebbles and salmon rivers at the other end. The area is Norway’s pantry, with an intensive agricultural activity in a flat, wide stretched and well-kept cultural landscapes in an area with mild climates all year round.

Jæren beaches, lovely both summer and winter

The Jæren beaches are very well suited for hiking, in both summer and winter. The beaches are particularly popular during summer with buzzing bathing activity and plenty of fun. During winter, a visit to the Jæren beaches is quite a nature experience. As the Norwegian expression states: “there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing». A visit to the Jæren beaches is a wonderful experience all year and can be spectacular in winter when the weather is at its roughest. Wrap yourself in warm clothes and feel the power of the weather gods (do not attempt going if the weather is extreme, though). The Jæren Coastline is an international Hope Spot acknowledged by Mission Blue. The changing weather at Jæren will give you a different experience every time. You can admire the fantastic Jæren light, and enjoy the sight of the waves from the North Sea breaking onto the beach. Remember warm and windproof clothing when visiting during winter. Fantastic surfing conditions – perhaps the best in Norway?

Important information on how to behave along the beaches at Jæren

  • It is forbidden to drive motorised vehicles
  • In the bird protection areas, you cannot exercise activities of disturbing effect; surfing, board sailing, kiting and dog walking.
  • It is prohibited to surf/board sailing/kiting in the bird protected areas from 1 October to 31 March
  • Horseback riding, bike riding, camping and tenting in the sand dunes are prohibited
  • You must not walk on farmland during the growing season
  • Respect people’s privacy. Do not set up a tent any nearer than 150 meters from a house or a cottage
  • Permission from the landowner if you camp for longer than 2 nights
  • Do not light a fire in nature between 15 April to 15 September
  • Respect the fact that others might use the area as their livelihood
  • If you bring along a dog in nature, you are obligated to keep it on a leash where livestock is grazing. Remember the general laws on keeping dogs on a leash
  • For hunting and fishing, special rules apply that you need to be aware of
  • Flying with drones are forbidden throughout the entire landscape protection area
  • Larger events are not allowed without a special dispensation

For the more experienced surfers, the conditions are more rewarding in autumn. Remember it is prohibited to surf/board sail/kite on beaches affected by bird protection (1 Oct – 31 March). Kiting is only possible on the following beaches: Sola, Hellestø, Byberg, Bore and Brusand.

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Explore Jæren and the beaches along the Norwegian Scenic Route Jæren

High skies, wide horizons and endless sea, ever-changing weather and light, miles of sandy beaches and dunes replaced by pebbles and salmon rivers.

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