The most unique thing about Voss is that you can go from a lush nature experience to a city atmosphere in less than 15 minutes. In Voss, you can start the day off by chasing powder at Hangurstoppen, then catch the gondola to town. Shortly after you are in the city center ready to enjoy a chili cappuccino and an art exhibition.

The centre of Voss is called "Vangen". In Vangen you will find a large selection of shops, cozy cafes, restaurants, and various niche shops. A vibrant town is important, and the local people of Voss are very proud of their city centre. Vangen has everything you need.

Voss is known for its strong food culture and traditions. Why not include a unique culinary experience when you visit Voss? Most restaurants and cafes focus on seasonal and local produce. Vangen Café is one of them, and their menu change throughout the year. They are located right in the city centre and make traditional dishes from scratch! In Vangen you can also find Park Hotel Vossevangen, which has one of the world's (!) best wine lists.

Every year, a food festival is held in the city centre - Smalahovesleppet. The festival is a long-standing tradition in Voss and is important to the locals and to visitors. The name translates to "Sheep head festival". Sheep heads were originally used by farmers who had to make use of the entire animal. Today it is considered a delicacy. The food festival also includes fun activities. There is a fair at the town square, a fashion show, and of course most restaurants offer a sheep head dinner. There is also a show for the children and concerts, and the main road through Vangen is turned into a pedestrian street. Would you try a smalahove for dinner?

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