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Car and passenger ferry with limited car spaces between Lysebotn - Forsand - Lauvvik.

The ferry is a combined goods transport vessel.

Capacity: 72 passengers and 7 cars

Vehicles of more than 3,500 kg cannot be taken on board or arrive onshore in Lauvvik. Minimum ground clearance for such vehicles must be at least 30 cm. 

Book in advance

From October-April, all vehicles and passengers must prebooke at the latest 1 hour before departure (from the starting point of the route).

From May - September the booking must be done at the latest 2 hours before departure (from the starting point of the route). 

NB! No departures on Saturday.

The ferry stops at the quays at Lauvvik, Forsand, Bratteli, Bakken, Songesand, Kallali, Flørli, Håheller and Lysebotn.

Departure times are approximate and the ferry only stops on certain stops if there are passengers/goods to or from the stop.

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Where is Combi ferry on the Lysefjord (Lysebotn - Forsand - Lauvvik)?