Jutulbu is nicely located on a small hill top south of Tussan in the mountain area between Bøfjorden and Skålvikfjorden in Halsa municipality. The cabin is the last one the Fjord Route if one walks from cabin to cabin with final stop at Vullum at Halsa ferry quay.

Possibilities for nice day trips to the three peaks that makes Tussan (765 metres above sea level), with a great panoramic view. Close by are several fishing lakes. The stream just north of the cabin has nice bathing spots. 30 metres from the cabin lies the source for drinking water.

During the winter the area is nice for skiing, and the terrain around the cabin is very suitable for skiing activities for children.

Total amount of beds: 28, divided as follows: 19 in bedrooms, 6 in the loft and 3 in the living room. Ideal for school classes. The cabin is self serviced and open all year.


  • 6643 Bøfjorden
71 67 69 37


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