Gamlaværket's own bakery invites you to a pleasant time whether you are sitting outside or inside. If you are out and about strolling the streets of Sandnes, Langgata is the shopping street you simply should not miss. After you have visited new shopping favourites and given your credit card a real "beating", you might need a good cup of coffee with something to satisfy your sweet tooth. At the café and bakery at Gamlaværket, you can buy the most delicious, most fragrant baked goods and take them with you on your shopping journey, or you can enjoy them in the café at in your own time.

This is a real craftman's bakery and patisserie with the most beautiful temptations. They also have freshly roasted coffee from their own distillery and fresh, tasty sandwiches in the cafe. A perfect place for small coffee breaks but also ideal for a good lunch with friends or family.

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  • St. Olavs gt. 38
  • 4306 SANDNES
51 68 51 70

Where is GamlaVærket - Bakery & Patisserie?