Geiterygghytta is 1224 meters high in the middle of Skarvheimen, the mountainous area between Hardangervidda and Jotunheimen. The scenery is magnificent, wild and beautiful. The Norwegian Tourist Association (DNT) has a very well-developed route network in the area. Geiterygghytta opened as early as 1914, is an important hub for the routes from Hol, Aurland, Finse and Hallingskeid.

Food and dining At Geiterygghytta we serve mountain brooms that provide good sleep and energy for long day marches. We are proud to offer meat and fish that are either shot or fish by the hosts themselves or shop locally. We harvest fruits and berries in the mountains in Hallingdal or in a beautiful village in Sogn . From this we make tasty jams that you can serve at the breakfast table and tempting desserts.

Opening hours The cabin is winter open from March to early May. Summer season from mid-summer to late September.

Facilitys 88 beds in 2 and 4 bed rooms, and cozy 4-bed alcove. Stream, shower and toilet inside, own room for dogs. Dining room, fireplaces and library. Wood-fired hot tub. Own beer brewery.


Geiterygghytta DNT is owned by DNT Oslo and its surroundings.

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  • 3577 HOVET

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