Go on a day trip to the beautiful Briksdal Glacier, with the public glacier bus. The bus departs from the bus station in Stryn and waits at Briksdalsbre Mountain Lodge, leaving you plenty of time to walk up to the glacier or go with a Troll Car. The road from the mountain lodge to the glacier is 3 km.

19 th June - 13 th August + 14 th August - 15 th September

From Stryn bus station: 09:45
From Loen: 09:55
From Olden harbour: 10:05
From Olden School: 10:07
From Åbrekk: 10:30
Arrival Briksdalsbre Fjellstove (mountain lodge): 10:45

From Briksdalsbre Fjellstove (mountain lodge): 13:30
From Åbrekk: 13:35
From Olden School: 14:00
Olde harbour: 14:02
From Olden (centre): 14:25 (bus change)
From Loen: 14:30
Arrival Stryn bus station: 14:45

No pre-booking necessary, since the Glacier Bus has seat guarantee, but groups should notify in advance.

Source: Nordfjord

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