The campsite is located by the lake and has a long shoreline that fits well for swimming, paddling or boat trips. Grande Camping offers campsites for camper vans, caravans and tents.

The campsite has been in the family for 5 generations of the Erdal Nesje family, early in the 1960s. Then there were only leased places, which evolved into modern sanitary facilities with a kitchen, utility room, handicapped toilet and toilets with showers that guests can use.

The village mill (Mølla) was in full operation from 1932 to 1962 to produce flour for all the towns in Oppstryn, and now has been restored and operated as a cafe for all. Here you will have simple food service and reception for the campsite. The mill has still traces of the flour production, since the millstone and drought are part of the decor, and available to guests to come and see.

Mølla is a serving place every day. In the week days you can get toast, cakes, icecream and so on, and in the weekends there are dinner serving. Alcohol serving every day.

The campground is a good starting point for those who want to enjoy the beautiful nature Nordfjord has to offer, enjoy day trips to Stryn Sommarski, Geiranger, Loen Skylift, Lodalen and Briksdalen and take advantage of short roads to mountain walks in the surrounding area as in beautiful Erdalen, Sigdestad, Glomsdalen and Sunndalen.

Grande Camping has a season from May to October.

Source: Nordfjord


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