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This remarkable restaurant is located in a seahouse from 1770, centrally and charmingly situated at the harbour in Stavanger, Skagenkaien, with views facing the seafront in the middle of Stavanger's most busy tourist areas. 

The taste of here and now

Imagine that you would like to tell the story of a place and a season from a restaurant kitchen. And picture that place to be the food region of Norway, the Stavanger region. You are faced with a large task at hand. At Matkontoret, they quickly found that this can be done if they at all times pay attention to what the local producers around them are doing. What is actually in season at the vegetable farm at Brimse? What is swimming right now outside of island Kvitsøy? And what kind of animals are currently grazing at Bru? They quickly decided that large main courses can never give their guests a complete image of what the region has to offer. This is why Matkontoret offers small, raffined dishes that in sum give you the taste of here and now, just now. Accompanied by a wine menu that will take your breath away. 

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  • Skagenkaien 13
  • 4006 STAVANGER
904 17 327

Where is Matkontoret?