At Norsk Fjordsenter you will find a charging park for electric cars with a number of charging points. The park is beautifully located on a small hill above the fjord. Furthermore, you will find a nicely prepared outdoor area with a fire pit and playground for the children, as well as an 24 h open outdoor toilet during the summer.

All day available Recharge charging station:
1 fast charger, 50 kW - CHAdeMO / CCS
2 semi fast chargers, variabel 11-22 kW, Type 2

Norsk Fjordsenter's own charging station. Open in business hours by contacting the reception at the visitor centre.
22 semi fast chargers, variabel 11-22 kW, Type 2
12 normal chargers, 2,3 kW (10A), Schuko CEE 7/4


  • Gjørvahaugen 35
  • 6216 Geiranger
+47 70 26 38 10


Charging point for electric vehicles:

Where is Charging station - Norwegian Fjord Centre - World Heritage Visitor Centre Geirangerfjorden?