Welcome to Avaldsnes- Norway's oldest royal seat. For 3000 years, princes and kings ruled at Avaldsnes. They controlled the shipping traffic that was forced through the narrow strait Karmsundet along Nordvegen – the way to the north, the shipping lane that gave Norway it`s name. The Viking King Harald Fairhair had one of his royal estates at Avaldsnes.

At Nordvegen Historiesenter Opplev Avaldsnes offers events on beautiful premises with panoramic views of Karmsundet and the historic landscape. At the Viking farm,in atmospheric houses with lights from oil lamps and fireplaces, you are taken 1000 years back in time. A Viking will welcome you and will give you an insight into the story of Avaldsnes – Norway's oldest royal seat. Explore the adventurous packages or choose from historical menues and exiting activities on their website.

Contact Opplev Avaldsnes and they will tailor your event according to your needs.

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  • Kong Augvaldsvei 101
  • 4262 Avaldsnes
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