Håra in Røldal is the endpoint of Norwegian Scenic Route Ryfylke (Rv520). The scenic road crosses the mountains of Røldalsfjell. Although this scenic road is closed in winter, an alternative route is Rv13, open year round.  It winds you through the valley of Brattlandsdalen to Nesflaten by Suldalsvatnet lake, and also offers a scenic experience and adventures and which is part of the historic Discovery Route.

Visitors and locals enjoy hiking in beautiful Røldal, which is situated just outside the Hardangervidda National Park. Røldal offers great trout fishing. Most mountain lakes in the area require a fishing permit; however, at Røldalsvatnet lake, anglers with fishing rods are free to try their luck.

Røldal's greatest tourist attraction is the 13thcentury stave church that stands in the heart of the village. There are many stories of healing miracles associated with the crucifix, which has drawn pilgrims through the centuries. Røldal stave church is one of the oldest stave churches in the world. Visitors are welcome to join one of the pilgrim walks to Røldal; for instance, you could join one at Suldal.

Because Røldal lies at the crossroads of scenic roads to Ryfylke, Hardanger and Telemark, it is a great base from which to explore a large region. Røldal is a great place for all who appreciate winter sports. Statistics show that it has the deepest snows in Europe! You can enjoy cross-country skiing from October through May, and on the mountain peaks snow lingers well into the summer. Røldal Ski Centre is usually open from November to May.

Accommodation: camping, cabins, rooms on local farms, inns and hotel. Odda is the nearest major commercial centre.

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