The Stølen Nord cabin is located five km from Verma and is approximately 55 sqm. It has a fantastic view and is suitable for 2-5 guests. The cabin has an open kitchen/living room and two bedrooms with bunk beds. All rooms are furnished. In addition, there is a wood stove, a gas stove for cooking, a cold cellar for food storage, cold water, an outdoor toilet, and a barbecue area. Guests need to bring their own bed linens or sleeping bags.

The Tverraa Sør cabin is 25 sqm and suitable for 3-7 people. The cabin has nice views of the area, is very private, and is located about 10 km from Verma. This cabin has an open kitchen/living room, a bedroom with a bunk bed, and a loft with room for 2-3 people. In addition, there is a gas stove for cooking, a wood stove, an outdoor toilet, and a large terrace. There is no water in the cabin, but it can be fetched in the river, about 50 metres away. The cabin also has an annex of approximately 12 sqm, with two bunk beds. Guests need to bring their own bed linens or sleeping bags.

At this cabin, you may catch a sight of moose, deer, and other game. There is also fishing in the area, and you can purchase a fishing license in agreement with the owner of the property.

Sections of the road up to both cabins have quite demanding driving conditions. A vehicle with 4WD is recommended.



  • Romsdalsvegen 6915
  • 6330 VERMA
404 16 751

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