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Reaching the region is easy. You can travel with the express boat from Bergen, express bus from any of the largest cities in Norway, or enjoy a trip on the Hurtigruten coastal steamer, travel by airplane to Florø and Førde or drive your own car.

You will find timetables for public transportation at

Do you need help planning your trip? Feel free to contact us, we are more than happy to help!

Express boat to and from Bergen

Travelling along the coast by express boat is a comfortable way of getting around the beautiful coastal and fjord landscape. From Monday to Friday there are two daily express boat departures from Bergen. There is one daily departure on Saturdays and Sundays. The boat stops in the following places:

For information about tickets and the timetable, see

Local boat and car ferry services

Local boats and car ferries sail along the Fjord Coast & Sunnfjord region to towns, villages and to large and small islands. You can easily buy a ticket on board. Some of the stops are marked with an asterisk, which means that stopping there has to be booked in advance. See entur.noor phone Visit FjordKysten on (+47) 577 43 000 for more information. A boat trip is an excellent opportunity to relax while admiring the beautiful landscape you pass through.

Local boats and car ferries can transport you on the following routes:


Florø - Veiesund - Askrova - Stavang - Svanøy - see

Florø - Batalden - Rognaldsvåg - Kinn (kveldsruter) - see

Florø - Barekstad - Batalden - Fanøy - Rognaldsvåg - Kinn - see

Florø - Barekstad - Batalden - Fanøy - see

Florø - Rognaldsvåg - Kinn - see

Måløy - Smørhamn - Florø (Kystvegekspressen) - see





Eivindvik - Mjømna - Mastrevik - Nåra

Gulen -Ytre Solund

Gåsvær - Midtre Solund - Hardbakke

Hardbakke - Nåra - Mjømna

Hardbakke - Kolgrov - Utvær

Saltskår - Hersvik



Rysjedalsvika-Rutledal-Krakhella - NB! In high season and at the weekend you should be aware that it can be more traffic than usual on the ferry. We recommend you have plenty of time to the ferry.





By car

The Fjord Coast & Sunnfjord region is an ideal destination if you are travelling by car. There are hundreds of waymarked walks, idyllic villages and small hamlets, charming towns and islands, and fascinating historical sites.


If you are travelling from Bergen, the usual route is to take the main E39 road north to the Oppedal–Lavik car ferry crossing. If you want to take an alternative route with less traffic and a more open landscape, we recommend that you drive north along the coast. Turn off the main road at Knarvik and drive to Lindås, then continue to the Leirvik–Sløvåg ferry crossing. See for ferry times.


The usual route from Eastern Norway is to drive either via Hemsedal and Lærdal or via Hamar, Lom and Stryn. If you drive via Lærdal in spring, summer and autumn, you can drive to Balestrand and over the Gaularfjellet mountain road. If you drive via Lom in summer, you can either take the Sognefjellet road or the old Strynefjellsvegen road, which are both Norwegian Scenic Routes.

For more information about roads and driving conditions, see the Norwegian Public Roads Administration’s website or phone 175.


The usual route by road from Ålesund goes via Nordfjordeid. From there, you can either drive west to the Isane–Stårheimferry crossing or take the E39 to the Lote–Anda ferry and then to Skei.

Bergen to Måløy takes approximately 6 hours.

Bergen to Florø takes approximately 4 hours.

Bergen to Førde takes approximately 3 hours.

Bergen to Askvoll takes approximately 3 1/2 hours.

Bergen to Hyllestad takes approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes.

By express bus/Fjordekspress with NOR-WAY

Travelling by NOR-WAY’s express buses is a pleasant and comfortable experience. There is a daily departure from Bergen to Førde, and a bus service from Ålesund to Førde run by the company Vy.

Getting to the region with the Hurtigruten coastal express

The Hurtigruten coastal express has been part of the Norwegian coast since 1893. It has daily departures that connect the whole coast. The Hurtigruten coastal express is indispensable for people who live along the coast.

It stops in two places in the Fjord Coast and Sunnfjord region, Florø and Måløy. These are the first two stops after Bergen for the northbound ships and the two last stops before Bergen for the southbound ships. The Hurtigruten stops twice every day at each stop, once heading north and once heading south.

The Hurtigruten usually signals its arrival by sounding its horn. The northbound signal is one long, one short and one long blast of the horn (the morse signal for the letter K). The southbound signal is two long, one short and one long blast of the horn (the morse signal for the letter Q). About 5 minutes before departure, passengers and guests are warned by one short blast of the horn. When two Hurtigruten ships pass each other, they greet each other by sounding their horns during daytime and with a light signal at night. The northbound ship always greets the other ship first.