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You can drive from fjord landscapes to its coastal scenery in just two-and-a-half hours and enjoy a variety of experiences along the way.

Travelling by car gives you a lot of freedom and makes you master of your own journey. From Oslo and Trondheim you can travel to Nordfjord via Otta on the RV15 over Strynefjellet mountain. During the summer months, you can take the Norwegian Scenic Route, Gamle Strynefjellsvegen, down to Stryn.

Bergen is an important gateway to Nordfjord and you can travel by car to Nordfjord via the E39, or go by sea on a scheduled ferry.

Airports in Nordfjord

There are several airports in Nordfjord. Sandane Airport is located in Nordfjord and has direct flights from Oslo and Bergen. Hovden and Florø airports are just outside Nordfjord and are excellent options for travelling to the region. Ålesund Airport is the closest international airport. It’s about 150 km away and has direct flights from the largest towns and cities in Norway, as well as London, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and many other destinations.

Explore the region!

In order to best explore the region, we recommend either bringing your own car or renting a vehicle. There are several options for renting a car in the region. Public transport is nonetheless a good alternative to reach certain destinations and towns and villages. The region is well suited to travelling with a motorhome, with campsites that are beautifully situated and easily accessed. In recent years, Nordfjord has become a popular cycling destination, with Nordfjord being a natural place to stop on cycling holidays. Many choose to experience the region on two wheels and there are several companies that rent out bikes.

Distance to Nordfjord

  • Oslo via Otta: about 500 km
  • Oslo via Fagernes: about 470 km
  • Bergen via Lavik: about 250 km
  • Trondheim via Otta: about 450 km
  • Ålesund: about 150 km