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Fly to Sunnhordland

Stord Airport

Sunnhordland has a regional airport on the island of Stord. Stord Airport is just an 18-minute drive from the centre of Leirvik. Flying from Oslo to Stord is easy and the journey time is about one hour.

Scheduled departures Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays.

From April 1st this year (2024) theew will be scheduled departures and arrivals every day except Saturdays. The flights between Stord and Oslo offer spectacular views along the way. In clear weather, you can see both the Hardangerfjord and Folgefonna glacier, the towering, snow-covered mountain peaks and the coastal landscape.

There is free parking at Stord Airport and also free charging for electric cars.

See more information and timetables at

Airports near Sunnhordland

Bergen Airport Flesland

Bergen Airport operates both domestic and international flights and is about 80 km from Stord. There is an express boat from the quay near the airport, which stops at Austevoll, Bømlo and Stord, with onward connections to Kvinnherad and Etne.

Haugesund Airport Karmøy

The airport outside Haugesund is situated just south of Sunnhordland. There are both domestic and international flights to and from Haugesund Airport.

Stavanger Airport Sola

The airport near Stavanger is about 140 km from Stord and also operates both domestic and international flights. From Stavanger Airport it takes about two and a half hours by car or bus to Sunnhordland.

By train

If you are travelling or arriving by train, the nearest stations are Bergen and Stavanger. Trains between Oslo and Bergen take just under seven hours, and about eight hours between Oslo and Stavanger.

You can find useful information and book tickets on VY's website.

It's easy to get to Sunnhordland from Bergen or Stavanger by bus or express boat.

By boat

Fjord Line operates a ferry service between Hirtshals in Denmark and Kristiansand i Norway as well as between Hitshals (DK) and Stavanger and Bergen. Sunnhordland is situated between Bergen and Stavanger.

Color Line operates ferries daily car ferries between Kiel (Germany) and Oslo. It’s about 530 km from Oslo to Sunnhordland. Take the E134 road over Haukelifjell mountain. They also operate ferries between Hirtshals (Denmark) and Kristiansand.

DFDS operates ferries between Copenhagen and Oslo and Fredrikshavn and Oslo.

By bus

The Kystbussen bus company operates many daily departures along the E39 between Bergen, the island of Stord, Sveio and Stavanger. It's not only a comfortable way to travel but the journey is a wonderful sightseeing tour in itself. Kystbussen has two types of services. ‘Straight there’, with a shorter journey time with fewer stops (calls at Heiane bus stop on Stord), and a regular service. Find more information about both options and book tickets on the Kystbussen website.
Express services also operate along the E134 from Haugesund via Etne to Oslo. (Haukeliekspressen). These routes are operated by NorWay Bussekspress.

On the Skyss website you will find timetablesfor local bus services in Sunnhordland.

Express boats

You can travel by express boat to and from Bergen via Austevoll, Bømlo, Stord, as well as Skånevik and Fjelbergøy.

The express boat takes you to many beautiful places in Sunnhordland. The trip itself is highly recommended – traveling in comfort between the islands by sea is truly captivating. On the Skyss website you can find information about tickets and departure times.

The Hardangerfjord Express boat offers a beautiful two-hour fjord journey from Bergen to Rosendal, with daily departures throughout the year. In Rosendal you can experience among other things the exquisite garden at Barony Rosendal, the Folgefonn Centre and the Stone Park.
You can either book a round trip or just travel part of the route.The Hardangerfjord Express, operated by Rødne, has daily departures. You can find more information here:

All in all, it’s easy to get to Sunnhordland, whether you're travelling from Norway or abroad!


Getting around Sunnhordland

By ferry

Ferries operate between the mainland, islands and many of the municipalities. There is a ferry connection on the main E39 road between Sandvikvåg (Fitjar/Stord) and Halhjem (Bjørnafjorden/Bergen).

The various ferry routes in Sunnhordland:

  • Fjelberg–Sydnes (Halsnøy, Kvinnherad) – Utbjoa
  • Gjermundshamn – Varaldsøy – Årsnes
  • Halhjem (located in Bjørnafjorden municipality, a 30-minute drive south of Bergen) – Sandvikvåg (Fitjar/Stord)
  • Hufthamar (Austevoll) – Krokeide (Bergen)
  • Husavik (Austevoll) – Sandvikvåg (Fitjar/Stord)
  • Langevåg (Bømlo) – Buavåg (Sveio)
  • Jektevik (Stord) – Nordhuglo – Hodnanes (Tysnes)
  • Skjersholmane (Stord) – Ranavik (Halsnøy, Kvinnherad)
  • Skånevik (Etne) – Matre – Utåker (Kvinnherad)
  • Våge (Tysnes) – Halhjem (located in Bjørnafjorden municipality, a 30-minute drive south of Bergen)

You can find all ferry routes and timetables on the Norwegian Public Roads Administration's website.

Foot passengers travel free of charge on ferries. Prices for cars and further information about payment can be found on the AutoPASS website. Travellers with foreign-registered vehicles can find information about payment at FerryPay.

By bus

Travelling by public transport is easy, with local bus services in all of Sunnhordland’s municipalities. On the Skyss website you can find timetablesfor all bus services in Austevoll, Bømlo, Etne, Fitjar, Kvinnherad, Stord, Sveio and Tysnes.
You can buy tickets on board buses, on the internet or in the app. Information about all ticket options can be found here:

The Kystbussen operates between Stavanger and Bergen and stops in Sveio, Stord and Fitjar.

Express boats

Norled's express boats can whisk you off to many beautiful places in Sunnhordland. They also operate an express boat service from Bergen, via Austevoll and Bømlo, to Stord, as well as Skånevik and Fjelbergøy. You can find an overview of boat services on the Skyss website.

You can travel with the Rose Express boat from Eidesvik/Langevåg (Bømlo) to the island of Espevær. Espevær is known for its UFO circle, lobster park, cable ferry, Baadehuset museum and the seasonal restaurant Gamleposten 5444.

The Hardangerfjord Express takes you on a stunning two-hour fjord journey from Bergen to Rosendal, with daily departures throughout the year. You can either book a round trip or just travel part of the route. The Hardangerfjord Express, operated by Rødne, has daily departures. You can find more information here: Day trip to Rosendal - Rødne

Tunnels and bridges

You can drive under the sea, through the Halsnøy tunnel between Halsnøy and Husnes, completely free of charge.

There is also a tunnel that partly runs under the Folgefonna glacier (the Folgefonna tunnel) making it easy to travel between Eitrheim in Ullensvang municipality in Hardanger and Mauranger in Kvinnherad municipality in Sunnhordland.

The Triangle Link’s tunnels and bridges ("Trekantsambandet") offer a ferry-free connection between the municipalities of Sveio, Bømlo and Stord.
Stord bridge, Bømlo bridge, Spissøy bridge and the 7.8-kilometre-long underwater Bømlafjord tunnel make up the Triangle Link.
Crossing Stord bridge and driving through the tunnel is free of charge. At Spissøy, there is a toll when travelling to and from Bømlo. (Bømlo package). Tolls are paid using AutoPASS at automatic toll stations.