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There are lots of exciting activities to choose from for older children and teenagers. You can go cycling, climbing, fishing and kayaking, and explore nature in safe and interesting environments.

  1. Bergen
  2. Voss
  3. Gudvangen
  4. Flåm
  5. Jostedal
  6. Fjærland
  7. Loen
  8. Ålesund
  9. Valldal
  10. Trollstigen
  11. Åndalsnes


Duration: 2 days

There’s lots to see and do for children and adults alike in the city between the seven mountains. Mount Fløyen is fantastic for families with children, with a large playground, the Troll Forest and other activities, as well as places where you can have a barbecue. Maybe you can head for the VilVite Science Centre and Bergen Aquarium if it’s raining? Nordnes Sjøbad seawater pool is a local secret that’s great whatever the weather.

Relax after an exciting day with a stroll along Bryggen and a well-deserved ice cream.



103 km1 h 30 min
Duration: 2 days

After exploring Bergen, you head for Voss. Voss is a well-known paradise for outdoor activities. Here, the whole family can enjoy the climbing park, try flying in a wind tunnel or go family rafting on the Vosso river. Take the cable car up to the top of Hanguren, which is a great starting point for lots of lovely walks in the mountains. You can also eat lunch in the restaurant at the top. There are long and short walks of varying degrees of difficulty. For a more relaxed activity, try your luck fishing from a canoe or from land and see who can catch the biggest trout.


Gudvangen Flåm

65 km1 h 5 min
Duration: 1 day

From Voss you continue on to Flåm. Stop at Gudvangen and try your hand at archery or axe throwing in true Viking style in Gudvangen’s Viking village before heading for Flåm.

Cycling in Flåmsdalen valley can be adapted to all levels. You can start at Myrdal for a steeper, more demanding ride and stop for a reward at Rallarrosa traditional mountain farm and dairy. There is also a less steep descent from Berekvam or Blomheller. Whichever way you choose, you are sure to meet a few curious goats en route.



128 km2 h 30 min
Duration: 1 day

Before you leave Flåm, try a high-speed thrill on the Nærøyfjord: Take a fjord safari on a RIB. If you’re lucky, you might catch a glimpse of a porpoise frolicking in the fjord.

The next adventure awaits just past the orchards of Sogndal, deep in the Jostedalen valley – a guided glacier trip on the Nigardsbreen glacier. You can visit the Breheimsenteret Glacier Centre to learn more about glaciers and the climate before the trip.


Fjærland Loen

100 km2 h 50 min
Duration: 2 days

Next morning, with helmets, ice picks and snow shoes, the whole family will manage to conquer this mighty glacier!

The trip continues to Loen where you’ll spend the night. Make a pit stop in the beautiful village of Fjærland. Make sure you visit the mammoths at the Norwegian Glacier Museum and sample the waffles in the café, and look for treasures among the thousands of second-hand books in the Norwegian Book Town.

There are lots of walks to choose from in Loen, and the Loen Skylift cable car is the perfect place to start. For families with hiking experience who want a challenge, the Via Ferrata and the walk across the Gjølmunnebrua suspension bridge at 750 metres is an experience of a lifetime.

Also, consider a detour to Briksdalsbreen glacier, at the end of Oldevatnet.



140 km2 h 35 min
Duration: 2 days

The Art Nouveau town of Ålesund awaits on the last leg of the journey. Learn about the town’s history at the Art Nouveau Centre and take in the view from Mount Aksla. The walk up is nice if you have the energy, or you can take the sightseeing train to the top.

Atlanterhavsparken is one of Europe’s most unique aquariums, where you can see seals, penguins, wolf fish and gigantic cod close up. You can also take a boat trip just outside the town and let the family try their luck at fishing. In September 2021, Atlanterhavsparken will open Norway’s first marine regional science center, where visitors can learn about and experience, first-hand, life in the sea along the coast of Norway. Tuaneset coastal fort is situated nearby, where, among other things, you will find ‘the children’s fort’ and a nature playground with an obstacle course, which is a hit with children.


Valldal Trollstigen Åndalsnes

138 km2 h 30 min
Duration: 3 days

The next day is the last of your holiday before you head home. The trip from Ålesund to Åndalsnes takes you via Valldal where you can exlore Valldal Activity park, kayaking or river rafting. Nearby in Tafjord (part of the UNESCO World Heritage area), you can pay a visit to Ville Krefter, an exciting power and rockslide visitor centre, with a climbing wall and exhibitions on the history of rockslides. Tafjord Friluftsbad outdoor pool, which is heated by the surplus heat from electricity production, is also a hit with children. If you visit Valldal during the fruit season, you must try the world’s best strawberries or fruit from Linge, one of the northernmost areas with a climate for commercial fruit growing.

After an action-packed visit to Valldal, it’s time to explore the Norwegian Scenic Routes on the way from Trollstigen to Åndalsnes. Walk across architectural bridges and walkways at Gudbrandsjuvet gorge, and feel the butterflies in your stomach on the viewing platform at the top of Trollstigen as you look down across the hairpin bends before driving on to Åndalsnes.

Åndalsnes, the mountaineering capital, awaits. The new Romsdal gondola takes you to the top of Nesaksla. You can have lunch in the restaurant before heading to Rampestreken viewpoint to admire the view and take photos.

Visit the Norwegian Mountaineering Centre the following day, where you can try climbing with an instructor. A visit to EvenTURskogen forest is fun for small children.