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With thousands of islands, islets, and skerries in beautiful untouched nature, the coast of "Sogn & Fjordane" gives you some of the best paddling experiences Norway has to offer. Norway Adventures, Sognefjord Active, and Sjøbris Adventure offer guided kayaking trips. These tours provide an exciting experience for both beginners and experienced kayakers. Along with these tour operators, several accommodation companies also offer kayak rentals.

"Venice of Norway"

You cannot travel further west in Norway than Solund, Bulandet, and Værlandet - often referred to as the "Venice of Norway". This area is perfect for kayaking with countless small and large islands, islets, and skerries. Although you are close to the open ocean, the islands provide shelter from wind and waves. The area is also a popular place to surf during the Autumn.

Paddle along white beaches and steep mountains

In Måløy you can paddle between white beaches and steep mountains, and experience the old trading towns and rich wildlife.

South of Måløy, the archipelago around Florø offers shelter for the wind and excellent conditions of kayaking. Take a trip to one of the many islands around the city or along one of the fjords.

Padling i Solund

Hikes that take your breath away!

The view will, indeed, take your breath away! What about trying some new and perhaps lesser-known hikes away from large crowds? Our selection of summit hikes ensures magnificent views and Instagram-friendly pictures.

På veg opp på Lihesten


There are many possibilities for bike trips on FjordKysten. Bring your bike to Island Hopping! The roads that connect the islands together do not have much traffic, and the surroundings create perfect conditions for biking. The ferries and boats that transport you from one island to another are experiences in themselves. The mainland also provides good conditions for bike trips, and you also combine this with cultural experiences.

Sykle til Refviksanden og nyt late dager på ei av Norges finaste strand