Party - Fjord Norway style!

The locals in Fjord Norway go into a euphoric state when there is weather coming in from the northwest. The reason for this: Cold and moist air from the arctic hammers the mountains before it unleashes the white gold. The good thing about this phenomenon is that it happens quite often, so that the tracks from skiing yesterday are gone the next day. Perfect if the visibility is poor above the tree line or if you are in need of some excellent lift-based powder skiing.

The Alpepass – a quick introduction

The northwestern part of Fjord Norway is known for beautiful coastal alpine mountains with spectacular views and location. Here, you will find large amounts of snow and an atmosphere that invites you to a tranquil nature experience beyond the ordinary. The Alpepass is a joint ski pass for 9 ski resorts in this part of Fjord Norway and gives you a unique opportunity to experience 9 different destinations with one ski pass. The Alpepass is valid for 2 to 10 flexible days.

The resorts in the Alpepass have, for several years, come out on top of European snow statistics. Plus, with Ålesund Airport Vigra nearby, which has many international flights, snow enthusiasts do not have to travel far for a great adventure.

Whether you are looking for your next ski destination with your family or for a challenge, the Alpepass gives you the opportunity to experience enchanting fjord views, lots of white gold and an endless variety of skiing opportunities.

Although you will probably not try out all of the 9 resorts, the Alpepass gives you the freedom to choose – and for a lower price than buying a ski pass at each of the resorts. Choose the resorts according to the conditions and your mood – and if you would like to try something else after your lunch break, then just get in the car!

Alright. Where to go?

A nice place to start is Harpefossen Ski Centre, located in Hjelmelandsdalen Valley in Eid, 10 km from the centre of Nordfjordeid. Harpefossen ski centre is the arena for National Championships in Alpine Skiing. The top of the ski lift is located 815 m a.s.l. and offers a 550 metres vertical drop. It has six ski lifts: three main lifts and three children lifts. The lift capacity is excellent, and the slopes are well groomed. Harpefossen is well known for large and varied areas for powder runs and gets a lot of fresh snow during the season. It is also a nice arena for cross country skiing with about 15 km groomed tracks alongside idyllic mountain farms. The slopes and tracks are lit up so you can ski even after dark. If you seek to improve your skills, reach out to a ski instructor, they are happy to help you.

If you are into ski touring, Harpefossen is the perfect starting point. The view of the Nordfjord is a sight for sore eyes. Bear in mind that the terrain behind Harpefossen is challenging with a lot of micro terrain, so make sure you know what to do before you start and check the avalanche bulletin at before you go.

A natural second stop from here is Stryn Winter Ski. The resort is located right next to Bøasætra in Stryn, 4 km from the town centre in a snow secure area. They have two ski lifts that can take you from 325 m a.s.l. to almost 1000 m a.s.l. Stryn Winter ski is also the perfect starting point for ski touring further into the mountains. Hestfjellet 1303 m a.s.l. (the “horse mountain”) and Natakupa 1400 m a.s.l. is situated straight ahead from the exit point of the t-bar and gives you breath-taking views and downhill skiing if the motivation and physique are present.

Hornindal – the Joker! In Fjord Norway, the weather and snow conditions may vary a lot. However - there is a Joker called Hornindal Ski Centre were you will almost always find good conditions. Hornindal is situated in an area where the air is a bit drier, the wind is less present and the valley itself does not have the same coastal climate as the rest of its neighbouring ski resorts. A perfect place soaking up the tranquil Norwegian mountain atmosphere.

You will find the same weather conditions at Fjellsæter ski arena. Often called the rough diamond of the Sunnmøre alps, it offers legendary tree skiing and one of the snuggest après-ski in the area at Fjøla Café.

A worthy mention is Volda Ski Centre. A cosy little resort with great piste and a nice café. The town of Volda has a college, and the resort is a ten minutes’ drive from the student house - a great place for an après-ski and a concert. Also, did we mention that Volda Ski Centre has one of the steepest standing-lift in Norway? Rad!

A quick drive from Volda Ski Centre and you will find Ørsta Ski Resort. Also known as Bondalseidet, it is located in the heart of the Sunnmøre Alps. Here you will experience breath-taking views towards the Ørstafjord and the Voldsfjord. Ørsta has a chairlift that takes you 700 m a.s.l. From there, you have a t-bar that takes you further up the mountain. You can also explore top notch off-piste skiing here. Just minutes away from the ski centre you will find picturesque peaks like Skårasalen, Kolåstinden, Slogen and Molladalen.

If Fjellsæter is the untouched and raw diamond, then Strandafjellet is the ruby. This is the freeriding Mecca of Fjord Norway. Strandafjellet offers a colossal backdrop of fjord and mountains baked into picturesque freeride terrain. There are long runs in all aspects of the mountain, as well as the possibility to ski all the way down to the fjord. Just remember to write down the phone number to the local taxi driver, as there is no lift that will take you back up again! It is not so much of a hassle as it sounds, and it is a truly unforgettable experience!

Arena Overøye (it is called the “snowy traffic jam” by the locals) has some very good terrain for the deep-snow ski runs and an old Poma-lift that drags you up to some epic terrain. Last, but not least, Ørskogfjellet is a perfect little resort great for those super-g turns before you do some city sightseeing in the Art nouveau city of Ålesund.

Follow a few of these tips and we assure you that you will get your money’s worth and an unforgettable experience. Happy skiing!

You can buy your Alpepass at any of the ski resorts that is part of the the joint lift pass: