Do you want to learn more about the history behind Bryggen in Bergen - this top attraction in the city between the seven mountains, and that is on the UNESCO World Heritage List? Visit the museums at Bryggen!

Bryggen Museum allows you to experience life in medieval Bergen. The museum is built over the remains of the first settlement at Bryggen, and the oldest buildings are from the 12th century. Displaying various archaeological findings in the ground, the museum also hosts temporary art displays and themed exhibitions.

If you wish to attend the Bryggen Guided Tour, which is a historic walk through Bryggen’s past, the meeting for pointing is at Bryggen museum located at Dreggsalmenningen 3.

Hanseatisk (Hanseatic) Museum displays the Hansa way of living. The German merchants were conducting business from their offices in Bergen from the era between 1350 and 1750. The museum opened in 1872 and visitors can explore the building, which was built in 1704. In fact, this is the only building at Bryggen that has kept and maintained the original interior.

On the opposite side of the road from the museum, you can see the old fish exchange named Schøtstuene, adjacent to Saint Mary’s Church. This used to be the assembly hall for the Hansa in wintertime and the museum consists of three assembly halls and one cook-house. The museum is located at Finnegården 1a.

The Theta Museum allows an insight to the history of the opposition in Norway during World War II and displays an interesting side to the history of Bryggen. The Theta group was established in May 1940 and their objective was to establish radio contact between the British government and the opposition in the occupied Norway. The main office was set up in a small room in Enhjørningsgården at Bryggen in Bergen.

In 1981, the Directorate of Cultural Heritage decided that the head office of the Theta group needed to be reconstructed. Hence, the head office was returned to its original state from the time just before it was discovered and destroyed by German occupation authority in 1942. The Theta Museum is located behind Enhjørningsgården at Bryggen.