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Some of the finest cycling routes in Norway are located along the Sognefjord.

Here you get our tips:

The Romantic road along the Lustrafjord will grab you. Do you want a tailor-made bike route with everything included? Check out Fjord Cycling. At idyllic BesteBakken you will find charming accommodation among life-giving growth permaculture gardens and grazing alpacas - and electric bicycles that take you to the beautiful Hafslovatnet or all the way to Urnes stave church, if you want.

Fjord Cycling|© Vegard Aasen/VERI Media

The Romantic Road, stretches about 30 km from Urnes to Skjolden along the south side of the Lustrafjord. With the fjord on one side, and mastodon mountainsides on the other. The county road has little traffic and the highlights are lined up, you can stop most anywhere, you should. Enjoy the time. Flowering fruit trees and gardens, Feigefossen Waterfall, Old cultural heritage, Urnes Stave Church, Sørheim. You'll think it's built just for you. It doesn't get any more beautiful.

Cycling on your own or all inclusive? We recommend together with Fjord Cycling, then you won't miss anything. In both ends, you can stay well, either at the Skjolden Hotel, or on the other side of the Lustrafjord, with only a charming ferry ride across to the old seaside town of Solvorn, Walaker Hotel.

Stay at the unique BesteBakken. Here you live on the farm with grazing alpacas and a phenomenal view of Hafslo. Bring your own bike or hire e-bikes from BesteBakken, bike ride along Hafslovatnet or down to Solvorn and over to Urnes Stave Church. Along dramatic Veitastrondsvatnet to the village under the glacier, perhaps all the way to Tungestølen?

Fjord Cycling|© Vegard Aasen/VERI Media

By bike in Balestrand

Balestrand has everything. Most of the roads run along the Sognefjord, where high mountains rise up on both sides. People have lived here and subsisted on agriculture since the last ice age, and to this day there is full farming in many places. In Balestrand, it's time to let your eyes and thoughts flow.

Balestrand Fjord Angling takes you on a guided bike tour and rents out bicycles. Maybe you can combine with a trip to the king of the mountains in Balestrand, Keipen? A tour around Esebotnen and a break at Dragsvik Fjordhotel, or perhaps the opposite. You live in Dragsvik and cycle to Balestrand? Then you might as well take an extra day and cycle into the Vetlefjorden, and cycle on all the way up to the Viewpoint on Gaularfjellet. Magical.

Bike the Rallarvegen|© Sverre Hjørnevik

Rallarvegen is world-famous and unique. Take The Flåm Railway to Myrdal or further to Haugastøl. From there you cycle the Rallarvegen to Flåm. The beautiful Myrdalssvingane, the goats at Rallarosa stølsysteri, and beautiful waterfalls. Use plenty of time down The Flåm valley.

Experience Sogndal on an electric bike. It's easy when you can rent a bike from Lokel. Cycle where you want, into Barsnes, out to Ylvisåker, perhaps all the way to the memorial stone after the battle at Fimreite. Speaking of Fimreite, if you cycle from Sogndal towards Kaupanger, you can cycle the road out to Fimreite, the road with little traffic is well suited for a day trip on the bicycle seat. The bonus is cycling down to the beach in Eide, what could be better than a little cooling off after a few hours on the bike seat. You leave the bikes you rent from Lokel in the center of Sogndal in one of the charging stations or in the virtual parking zones.

To the west in the Sognefjord you will find Lavik, this old hub that tied the west country together. Here you can hire a bike from Lavik Fjord Hotell, and explore the fjord village.

No matter where you travel, we strongly recommend it.

Biking in Sogndal

The Thousand Metre Viewpoint - Årdal

The old road between Sletterust and Øvre (upper) Årdal is a lovely road for a bike ride. Its twisting incline brings you 1000metres above sea level. The road does include a tunnel, so it would be beneficial for the bike to have a light.

The road offers a panoramic view towards the mountain range of Hurrungane and a good view in towards the valley of Utladalen, Øvre Årdal, the mountain of Bøttejuvet and the Årdalsvatnet Lake. Approximately 40 bends bring you from the highest point to where the gravel road meets Riksveg (highway) 53, a few kilometres from the centre of Øvre Årdal.

Bike the 1000 meter viewpoint in Årdal|© Falkeblikk AS

Bicycle rental by the Sognefjord

If you don't have your own bike on holiday, there are several places where you can hire bikes: