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The currency in Norway is Norwegian kroner, abbreviated to NOK. You will not normally be able to pay for goods and services in Norway in another currency. Most Norwegians pay for everything by credit card, and Visa and Mastercard are accepted almost everywhere. Amex and Diners are less common and not accepted everywhere.

Is Norway expensive?

The answer to that is it depends! It’s true that Norway is one of the more expensive countries you can visit, but this of course depends on where you come from, the exchange rate and how you travel.


The average cost of a hotel room per night (Aug. 2021) is NOK 1,088, but the prices can vary a lot depending on the location, standard and facilities. (Source:

You can rent a cabin on a camp site from around NOK 250 per night depending on the size, location and season.

Other prices

The following are examples of prices, but please note that these are subject to change. You can find more examples here.

  • A litre of petrol: NOK 15-17
  • A litre of milk: NOK 17-23
  • Cappuccino at a café: NOK 40-50
  • A meal at a reasonable restaurant: NOK 140-250
  • A three-course meal at a more expensive restaurant: NOK 600-1,000 (excluding alcoholic beverages)
  • A bottle of beer from a supermarket: NOK 30-50
  • A bottle of beer at a bar: NOK 60-99