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Askvoll offers lots of interesting cycling and nature experiences. You can experience the beautiful fjord landscape and charming islands out at the ocean’s edge, all in the course of a single day. Short bike routes that offer great nature experiences follow below.

  1. Askvoll
  2. Askvoll
  3. Værlandet og Bulandet
  4. Askvoll
  5. Askvoll
  6. Fjaler


6.1 km20 minutt

Askvoll - Follevåg

Cycle north from Askvoll along Granesundet sound towards Follevåg, where you can watch the sun set in the sea or find small, hidden pebble beaches. The trip to Follevåg offers great scenic experiences in easy terrain, and is suitable for the whole family.

You can hire a bike at Askvoll Fjordhotell, which hires out ordinary bikes, children’s bikes and electric bikes.

Vakker utsikt|© Visit FjordKysten


12 km1 day

The Island Atløy

Its narrow, quiet roads make Atløy a gem to explore on a bike. Note the ferry times, as there’s often more traffic on the roads at these times. Turn left in Gjervika and cycle approx. 12 km towards Herland. We recommend stopping at Vilnes church, a beautiful timber long church built in 1674.

Few places have as rich and diverse geology as the Askvoll area, and you come to the rock formation Brurastakken approx. 2 km before Herland. Its black, white and green stripes make it look like a bride’s skirt, which gives rise to its name (literally ‘bride’s skirt' in Norwegian). The rock formation is easy to spot from the sea and is a popular destination for geology fieldwork. It offers fantastic 360-degree views from a relatively modest height, and the rock formation also has its own geology trail.

There is no café on the island, so bring a packed lunch. You can also buy something from the local shop, which is halfway between the ferry quay and Herland.


Værlandet og Bulandet Askvoll

Duration: 1 day

Værlandet and Bulandet

Out at the ocean’s edge, guarded by the majestic mountain Alden, the island communities of Værlandet and Bulandet lie like pearls on a string, linked together by six bridges and a road covering 5,240 metres. The terrain is magnificent and you cycle past art installations, charming wharfside warehouses and across narrow sounds. You get magnificent views of the islands and ocean from the six bridges that link the islands together. During summer, either before or after the bike trip, you can go island hopping between Bulandet and Solund.

The grocery shops Joker Værlandet and Joker Bulandet lie at either end of the beautiful archipelago. Joker Værlandet is near the quay when you take the ferry from Askvoll, and Joker Bulandet is on the island hopping route between Solund and Bulandet. You can hire a bike and hand it back in at either of the two shops, i.e. you can decide whether you want to cycle one way or there and back.

It’s a good idea to book a bike in advance, by calling the shop you want to rent a bike from.

Værlandet handel: (+47) 577 30 120
Joker Bulandet: (+47) 577 32 144


Askvoll Fjaler


Askvoll - Dale, via Holmedal

Cycle the old road from Askvoll along the fjord towards Holmedal. We recommend stopping at the factory outlet of Helle Fabrikker, which has been making sports knives and cutlery for more than 80 years. Cycle on towards Rivedal. Take a break here beside the statue of Ingolf Arnarson, who founded the first settlement on Iceland. Then cycle on along the lovely road on the north side of the Dalsfjord, with panoramic views of the fjord and across it to Dale. As well as shops and cafés, you’ll also find Jakob Sande-tunet, which offers guided tours and a book café. If you would like to go for a swim, we recommend going to Badevika close to the centre, which has a lovely sandy beach and outdoor recreational area.

Ingolf Arnarsson