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Experience the idyllic town of Florø from the seat of a bike. The terrain is flat and good, and you can see the centre of town with its charming cafés and shops, pretty lakes and museum, and the wonderful archipelago on its doorstep within the space of just a couple of hours.

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3,8 km17 minutes

Florø - Coastal Museum via Storevatnet lake

Start the trip at the Tourist Information Office in the heart of Florø. You can hire a bike there if you don’t bring your own, and get great tips about where to go in the area.

Cycle past the charming cafés and lovely shops in Strandgata. It’s a good idea to buy something for lunch to bring with you on the trip. Turn right in Torggata and cycle up to Markegata. Cross Markegata and cycle up the hill until you get to Storevatnet lake. Keep cycling to the end of this idyllic lake.

Then cycle up a small hill until you come to a car park. Cycle a little further before turning right up Kleiva onto the car road. It’s quite steep here. When you reach the top, cycle down to Båtevika. Cycle on the gravel walking and cycling path and bridges that lead to the Coastal Museum. You will see Brendøya right before you come to the Coastal Museum. Goats graze there during summer, and they love company, so are particularly popular with children.

Stop at the Coastal Museum and get a glimpse of what life was like along the coast from the Stone Age until the Petroleum Age.



2 km8 minutes

Coastal Museum - Sørstrand

After an enjoyable visit to the Coastal Museum, cycle along the Brendøyvegen road west to Vågevegen road. Turn left down Sørstrandvegen road. Cycle past a kindergarten, and on a couple of hundred metres until you enter Sørstrand outdoor recreation area. There are many paths in the area, which are perfect if you want to do several round trips. A kiosk and sanitary facilities are open during summer. This is a nice spot to have your lunch.

Sørstrand Folkepark


3,7 km22 minutes

Sørstrand - Storeåsen

After a break, cycle back onto the main road and turn right and then left at the first crossroads. There is a steep hill before the road flattens out onto a gravel road, which takes you across hilly terrain before you cycle back down. When you come down to a bunker, you can take a detour up to the left for fine views of the Florø archipelago. Keep cycling down a steep hill with the stadium ahead of you. You’re now just a stone’s throw from the centre of town.

Storeåsen|© Lillian Herland


Duration: 1 day

Cycle to Svanøy - the gem of Sunnfjord

Take the passenger ferry from Fugleskjærskaia quay in Florø to Svanøybukt. Svanøy, known as ‘the gem of Sunnfjord’, is the southernmost and most fertile island in Kinn municipality. You can buy a ticket on board the ferry.

Svanøybukt quay - Kvalstad - Erikstad - Svanøybukt

Start cycling from the quay and follow the main road to Svanøy Hovedgård. You can stay and eat in these historical surroundings during summer. Svanøy Hovedgård has been home to nobles and bishops, and the Haugean Movement built the manor house as it stands today.

Turn right at the crossroads beside it, which takes you onto a quiet, narrow car road, which you follow across slightly undulating but largely flat terrain. At the second turn off to the left, you can cycle onto a gravel road. It takes you across cultivated land, and approx. 1 km into forest terrain. Those who are observant will see the remains of mining works. There is a path down to the sea at the end, where there is a picnic area and lovely rocks you can take a break on.

Back on the main road, cycle on Biskop Svanes road until you come to the crossroads to Kvalstad. On Kvalstadvegen road, you cycle first past Midtvatnet lake on the right, and then Kvalstadvatnet lake on the left. This is a very idyllic area to cycle in so take your time and have a good look around.

After a tight bend, you cycle down a long hill to the Norwegian Deer Centre, where you can watch deer roam and graze, and if you’re lucky, you’ll catch sight of rabbits. You’ll see large herds of deer as you approach the farm. Guided tours are available by arrangement.

If you’d like to combine a bike trip with a mountain hike, you can do a detour to Vågsfjellet, where a good, waymarked walk awaits in beautiful, fertile terrain. You will be rewarded by fantastic views from the top.

Cycle back up to the crossroads after your visit to the Norwegian Deer Farm. Turn left and cycle on to Erikstad, where you pass the old schoolhouse in Våg. The scenery here is beautiful. The Erikstad estate has a long history, and one interpretation of Harald Fairhair’s saga indicates that the Viking King Eirik Bloodaxe grew up here in around 900 AD.

Back in Svanøybukt, you can enjoy a nice meal, made from local ingredients, at Svanøy kro.



Duration: 1 day

Cycling on the emerald isle Askrova

Take the ferry from Fugleskjærskaia quay in Florø to the island Askrova. Cycle towards Valvika along the idyllic road that hugs the coast the entire way. After approx. 1 km, you come to Espeseth and the prayer house on your left, which is now used to host church services, christenings, concerts and other events. The plans for the building were ready in the 1920s, but it wasn’t completed until after World War II.

You then come to the schoolhouse and community centre. The school closed in 2006, but both the schoolhouse and the community centre are used by the locals to host events, seafood parties etc. and as accommodation.

Cycle on until you come to the last bend before Valvika. Leave your bike there and head for to Trollhola on foot. There is a signpost on the main road, and a waymarked path to the entrance. Trollhola is a large and exciting cave, but the entrance to it is small and steep so take care if it’s been raining as it can be slippery and there may be loose stones on your way up to the entrance. There is a large hall inside the cave, where there’s lots to explore and look at. Lovely stalactites hang from the roof, and you can also see the remains of rock carvings. People should only enter the cave in groups of at least two and everyone must have a torch/head light.

Cycle to Valvika after your visit to Trollhola. There’s a nice bathing spot innermost in the bay. If you would like to spend the night in Askrova, we recommend staying at Askrova Feriehus.

Combine cycling with a mountain hike

If you would like to extend your cycling trip, you can combine it with a hike up Skaratoppen (219 metres). Cycle back to the ferry quay and turn left towards Hammarset. You have to cycle some distance uphill until you come to Vallestad. There are signposted paths from here into the interior of the island, to Draumeplassen Ørnereiret cabin and to Skaratoppen. This is an easy walk that is suitable for adults and children alike. There is an outdoor toilet at Ørnereiret, and you can fish in Hammarsetvatnet and Valvikvatnet lakes.



Duration: 1 day

Cycling on Reksta

Head for the interesting island of Reksta out at the ocean’s edge. The ferry takes you to Rognaldsvågen, where there is also a grocery shop. Start by cycling to Indre Reksta, and pass the prayer house and school to your right on the way. When you come to the point where you turn right, there is a short uphill climb across the ravine to Indre Reksta. You can leave your bike here and walk to Trollhola. This exciting cave extends 50 metres into the mountain. If you would like to do a longer walk, you can do so on a good path around the mountain Storefjellet.

From the ravine, cycle down to Indre Reksta. You’ll see the old school in Reksta when you get to the end of the asphalt. Cycle back the same way and turn left towards Ytre Reksta. There is a path back to Rognaldsvågen from here, which can be cycled in part.