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Hyllestad is full of small idyllic spots where you can relax and enjoy your surroundings. Whatever you decide to do, you’re guaranteed a view of the fjord.

  1. Hyllestad
  2. Hyllestad
  3. Hyllestad


6,5 km23 minutes

Rysjedalsvika - Leirvik

From the ferry and express boat quay at Rysjedalsvika, there is a relatively short uphill climb before you come onto a relatively flat road on towards Leirvik. You can enjoy beautiful views of the fjord to the right on the way. Hotel Sognefjord is in a beautiful setting beside the sea in Leirvik. It’s a good place for a bite to eat, and if you so wish, a room for the night beside the fjord. Hotel Sognefjord organises activities for children and adults alike.



6,9 km28 minutes

Leirvik - Millstone Park Open Air Museum

On the road from Leirvik towards Hyllestad, you can see some of the fantastic old stone bridges that feature on the old Trondheim Post Road. After around 3 km, turn left towards Hyllestad. You will now have to cycle uphill for around 1.2 km before you can cruise down to Hyllestad. We recommend a visit to the Millstone Park Open Air Museum, which organises guided tours and activities from June to August. If you would like to stretch your legs a little longer, you can follow a waymarked cultural trail on your mobile phone, where you can hear about what it was like to grow up in Hyllestad in the 1950s.

Hyllestad is a beautiful village, set beside the fjord and in the shadow of the majestic mountain Lihesten. It also has a shop.



12,6 km

Millstone Park Open Air Museum - Sørbøvåg

On the way on towards Sørbøvåg, you cycle in slightly hilly terrain in beautiful fjord landscape, with the mountain Lihesten always to your right. If you would like to combine cycling with a mountain hike, we recommend a hike to Torgeirsletta. This mountain is as its name suggests (literally ‘Torgeir plain’ in Norwegian) is a rounded grassy plain 523 metres above sea level. The mountain massif Lihesten will be behind you all the way.

Fjordkick is located in Sørbøvåg, which runs a shop, and has accommodation and boat and kayak hire. There is also a nice beach with a sand volleyball court. Sognhostel offers simple, reasonably priced accommodation on the way to Sørbøvåg. It also has a campsite.

5,2 km21 minutes

The Lifjord

You cycle from the centre of Hyllestad on a narrow asphalt road in a varied fjord landscape and rural surroundings towards the Lifjord. The Lifjord is a 7-km fjord arm on the north side of the mouth of the Sognefjord. After around 4 km, you come to the village on the fjord. You can explore the many walking trails in the area from here, whether you want to do a demanding mountain hike, or simply wander along the hillside. If the weather is poor, you can stop past the tiny book swap shed in Risnes, where you can sit and read a good book.