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Its proximity to the sea has made its mark on the business community, landscape and people of Måløy. Måløy is in a beautiful setting beside the ocean, with high mountains, spectacular lighthouses and chalk-white beaches. A multitude of experiences await you.

  1. Måløy
  2. Måløy


9,9 km40 minutes

Måløy - Kannesteinen

Cycle along Oppedalsvegen road towards the village of Oppedal. After 5 km, you come to Vågsberget handel- og gjestgjevarstad, one of the best preserved inns in Norway. The main buildings are open in summer, giving you the chance to pay a memorable visit to the grand main building and the general store. There is also a café in an outbuilding where you can enjoy a cup of coffee before moving on.

After stopping at Vågsberget, cycle on towards Vågsvåg and Torskangerpollen. There is a fishing village innermost in this inlet with some tens of boathouses etc. They are a fine reminder of a time when fisheries were important in this area.

Cycle on to the village of Oppedal and you’ll come to Kannesteinen, a rock shaped like the stem of a glass that has been formed by the sea and waves over thousands of years. If you look out across the sound, you’ll see Hendanes lighthouse. If you would like to visit the lighthouse on this trip, you can cycle back to Torskangerpollen and then out to the lighthouse. The last part of the path is not suitable for bicycles. Leave it at the car park and walk the rest of the way. This is a great spot for watching the sunset.

Cycle back to Måløy the same way you came. If you have time, you can swing past Måløyna, located under the bridge, where there’s a disc golf course and lovely walking trails.

Kannesteinen|© Visit FjordKysten


9,9 km40 minutes one way
Duration: 1,5 hour

Måløy - Refviksanden

Cycle towards Raudeberg and turn left onto the Nordvågøyvegen road. Cycle uphill some distance towards Skaredammen sports ground. When you come to Refvikvatnet lake, cycle straight across the crossroads where there are signs to Kvalheim and Kråkenes lighthouse. Cycle past the charming village of Refvik and see the great street art that adorns the walls of some of the buildings. Its chalk-white shell sand makes Refviksanden one of the loveliest beaches in all of Norway. Great for enjoying lovely, warm summer days or one of the many autumn storms.

You have two options on the way back; cycle the same way back to Måløy, or cycle a 5-km longer route. If you choose the last option, you can see the lovely Sætrasanden beach and extend the trip with a walk to Skongenes lighthouse.

Mellom høge fjell ligg Refviksanden|© Visit FjordKysten