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There is no reason to leave the electric car at home anymore. You can bring it along or rent one in Norway. The times for range anxiety are over, and you can rather enjoy the benefits the electric car gives you: you save the environment, and you get financial benefits. If you plan where to charge before you travel, you can experience attractions and activities along the way.

Charging stations

There are over 10,000 charging stations in Norway, and Fjord Norway has its share. You should also download the app from Plug & Share for iPhone or Android before you travel. Many hotels offer their guests charging possibilities. Just ask before you travel or upon arrival.

Pay to charge

Payment has become much easier in recent years. Most charging stations in Norway are owned by the two providers Fortum Charge & Drive and Grønn Kontakt. In Fjord Norway you will find the supplier BKK. All of them offer app downloads, where you can easily register your credit card and pay for charging digitally.

You can also pay with an RFID card if you prefer. There are several providers of such cards.

Prices vary slightly between the different suppliers. Check with each of the suppliers mentioned above for prices before you travel.

Toll stations

Electric cars get discounts or pass for free through most toll stations in Norway. It is only in Bergen and Oslo that electric cars must pay up to 50% of the price when they drive through toll stations. This also applies to cars with foreign number plates.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration operates the toll stations. All toll stations in Norway are automatic. To get a discounted price you need to travel. Otherwise, you will receive the highest rate bill by mail when you get home.

Read up on driving in Norway.


It is up to each municipality to decide whether electric cars can park for free, get a discount or pay full price for parking. This varies from place to place in Fjord Norway, and from car park to car park in the same municipality. You can find information about this when you park.


In many places, the ferry is the only way to travel across a fjord. Electric cars get a 50% discount on both national and county road ferries in Fjord Norway.