A top European football team and international jazz festival have made Molde famous, despite the city being home to only around 31,000 proud inhabitants. The town is the perfect base for powerful experiences of nature, and is close to attractions such as the Trollstigen road, Geiranger, Åndalsnes and the Atlantic Road.

Local produce and panoramic views

In recent years, Molde has begun turning its face towards the fjord and the unique mountain range with 222 peaks. With its renovated seafront, the revitalised town centre has given Molde a whole new dimension.

Grab a bite to eat at some of the excellent restaurants that have opened by the fjord. Enjoy a delicious meal in pleasant company and with fabulous views of the mountains and fjord, as you watch small boats chugging past and the ferries that glide almost silently across the water.

KØL: the Burger Masters

The four restaurants Køl Bar & Bistro, Glass (pizza) Restaurant & Bar, Syd and Glød are situated in a row along the quay.

At Køl Bar and Bistro we meet chef Erik Faksvåg Reite. Since their specialties are burgers and steaks, køl – or charcoal – is a key ingredient to preparing the dishes.

- We love flame grilling! The charcoal grill gives its very own flavour and aroma that really penetrates the meat. We also grill the day’s catch from the fishmonger. The grilled turbot is absolutely magical, says Faksvåg Reite, who explains that the chefs at Køl recognise the importance of good ingredients.

Local produce

- Local produce is very important to us, so our meat is sourced from animals at Jensbøen farm in Rødal, which is 20 minutes away. It’s great to use local produce and to have a relationship with both the animals and the farmer. I thought I would get to meet the cow when I was on the farm earlier, but it had already gone to be slaughtered, the chef laughs.

- It’s worth mentioning that we prepare, cut and mince the meat in-house. It's easier to control the quality of the burger when we mince the meat ourselves, and we can really guarantee the quality of the food we serve, he adds.

© Jens H. Lyngstad / TIBE

Burger Tips

The chef believes there are four things needed to make a good burger, namely good ingredients, high heat, a charcoal grill and salt. That's all it takes.

- A burger is like a steak, and we treat it in just the same way. Our best burger is the Barbeque beason – a charcoal-grilled burger with barbeque sauce, mayonnaise, bacon, crispy onions, pickled red onion, tomatoes and cheese. It's very good and is probably the highlight on the menu so far.

Norway's best location

Jan Erik Nyland runs the eateries Syd, Glass, Køl and Glød on the quay in Molde. He explains that the hospitality industry has missed being able to use the seafront in Molde city centre for many years.

Jan Erik Nyland|© Jens H. Lyngstad / TIBE

- There’s no question that the seafront is a fantastic place in Molde as the city centre moves down towards the sea. We can now offer outdoor dining in one of Norway's most beautiful locations, right by the fjord and mountains. The view is incredible,’ says Nyland.

Last year he also opened a completely new concept on the seafront in Molde – GlassTaket. On the roof of the Moldetorget shopping centre are 1450 square metres with minigolf, outdoor service and a glass lift up from ground level.

Molde Fjord Hotel: right by the sea

The nearest neighbour to Aker Stadium is Molde Fjord Hotel: a hotel, à la carte restaurant and quayside restaurant Hav. Guests often arrive by boat and moor up before being seated.

Since its inception in 2002, fish and seafood have been specialties at Molde Fjord Hotel, which perfectly suits the location of the restaurant.

- We can just walk down to the quay to collect our ingredients. Some of our ingredients come from local fish mongers, but we are also an approved fish reception centre, so we purchase directly from local fishermen. The crayfish are delivered by boat, and we just go down to the quay to pick them up. The availability of certain ingredients depends on what’s caught at sea that day. We take whatever is freshest, best quality and available at the time, says Jan Roger Blø, food and beverage manager at Resturant Hav.

© Molde Fjordstuer

Signature dish

Gratinated klippfisk (salted, dried cod) is a permanent main course on Molde Fjord Hotel's menu.

- A lot of people come here for our klippfisk, so we won’t be taking that off the menu. Set accompaniments to the klippfisk are potato puree and bacon, with other trimmings changing according to season. By focusing on the season, we always get the best raw ingredients, says Blø.

Klippfisk is a slow food

The klippfisk is delivered from the local producer Folland at Averøya, with which Molde Fjord Hotell has collaborated since the beginning.

- We are one of the few establishments in Norway that Folland supplies with klippfisk because they mostly ship overseas. We take delivery of klippfisk loins that are not filleted or skinned, and then we soak the fish for a week, so it really is slow food.

A complete dining experience

- We really want to give our guests a complete dining experience. Three of our waiters are trained sommeliers, so diners can savour a complete and perfectly composed taste experience.

Molde Fjord Hotel also works extensively with training new talent and has up to five apprentices on its staff at any one time. It’s a place where the chefs and waiters of the future develop their skills and experiment in the kitchen.

The seafront in Molde

The seafront development is the largest urban development project in Molde in modern times. The city centre opens up towards the fjord and mountains, and Molde gets a continuous harbour promenade.

The development is happening in three phases: Seafront 1, 2 and 3. The plans include an expansion of the harbour area, new parks, and making walking and cycling easier in the area between the built-up area and the fjord. (Source: Molde municipality)

Floating Sauna in Molde

Right in the city centre, you can enjoy Molde's spectacular fjord view of 222 peaks from the water. The brand new architecturally designed building Nausta Molde is inspired by the old seaside town of Molde. Now you can swim in the sea all year round and find peace in a warm and cosy sauna room floating on the fjord.

Amazing hospitality at hotels in Molde

The hotels in Molde offer fabulous rooms, excellent prices, and the chance of phenomenal sea views. No matter where you stay, you can experience the city of roses, the beautiful Romsdalsfjord and Molde’s panoramic views complemented with excellent service and amazing hospitality.

  • Scandic Seilet Hotel is built to look like a sail. It's great if you want to stay in the centre of town and has panoramic views of the Romsdal Alps.
  • Scandic Alexandra Molde is perhaps best known as the jazz hotel and many legends have stayed here during their visit to the city of roses. This popular hotel is right in the centre of town.
  • Thon Hotel Moldefjord has recently been refurbished with a floral design and is situated at Storkaia quay in the middle of Molde's high street, with shopping centres and attractions right around the corner.
  • Molde Fjord Hotell by Classic Norwayis beautifully situated on the edge of the harbour in the centre of Molde.
  • Kviltorp camping – cabins and seahouses is situated close to the Fannefjord between Molde and Årø Airport.

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