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Imagine sitting in a comfy seat enjoying the view of the glittering fjords, snow-capped peaks and idyllic rural farms. This is exactly what you get if you choose to travel by express bus. With an extensive route network in Fjord Norway and corresponding routes to the rest of Norway, everything is set for a seamless journey.

You don’t need to think about checking in your baggage in time, or security and passport checks. Allow good time before your departure, place your luggage in the bus’s luggage compartment and sit back and relax in our comfortable seats.

You can reserve a child seat and book extra space for a bicycle or extra luggage in advance when you book your ticket. On the express bus, you’ll often pass through places you’d never have discovered otherwise. Take time to explore the route you'll be travelling – maybe you'll discover some hidden gems along the way?

The Sognefjord express bus from Bergen

How about a day trip to Voss or Flåm? The Sognefjordekspressen service has daily departures from Bergen bus station and passes through well-known places like Voss, Flåm and Lærdal, with its final stop in Sogndal. With early morning departures from Bergen city centre, the Sognefjordekspressen service can be easily combined with a trip to Flåm, where you can continue your journey by boat or train.

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The coastal express bus - between Stavanger and Bergen

With the Coastal Express bus (Kystbussen) new double-decker buses, you’ll be able to experience both the oil capital Stavanger and ‘the city between the seven mountains’ Bergen in one day. Kystbussen also has direct routes between Bergen and Haugesund, and Haugesund and Stavanger. Kystbussen’s double-deckers are equipped with extra comfortable and adjustable seats, ample legroom, panoramic windows and single seats for those who would prefer to sit alone.

The route also corresponds with the Haukeliekspressen service from Haugesund and further express routes to Kristiansand from Stavanger.

Welcome aboard!

If you want a flexible itinerary, you can decide your next destination while you're on the road. You’ll always find up-to-date routes and departure times in the travel planner. By express bus, you can travel hassle-free from city centre to city centre, often to covered bus terminals. In Bergen and Haugesund, the buses correspond with the airport bus, giving you a quick and seamless trip to Bergen or Karmøy Airport.

Relax and take a time-out on the bus. Have a rest, read a book, watch a movie or simply enjoy the view. Spend the time doing what YOU want – and let our professional drivers take care of the rest. Enjoy the journey and arrive rested at your destination. Welcome aboard!

Convenient travel between Bergen and Førde

Embark on a relaxing journey with Fjordekspressen, as you travel from Bergen to Førde, enjoying the stunning landscape along en route.

Several departures with the Fjord express now start and end at Bergen Airport and passes through charming fjord towns like Lavik and Vadheim.

The service operates multiple times daily in both directions, ensuring availability seven days a week.

Included in your ticket is the crossing on the pioneering ferry between Lavik and Oppedal,the world’s first electric ferry

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