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In spring, the cities burst into life! Festivals, outdoor concerts, eating and drinking out tend to increase in popularity at this time of the year. Especially having that first outdoor drink of the year. In Norway, we call this the first “utepils” (outdoor pint) of the year. It doesn’t matter if it’s still freezing outside, the first pint enjoyed outdoors at the pubs, usually happens around Easter every year. Check out the selection of bars and pubs to mingle with the locals and enjoy your first “utepils”. Don’t forget the sunglasses to “look the part!”

© HansenHjørnet
Spring is nature's way of saying, 'Let's party!'
Robin Williams

Quench your thirst!

Spring all year in a street?

Fargegaten|© Brian Tallman Photography

With nearly all the colours in the rainbow in one single street, you can with some goodwill say that spring is present all year at Øvre Holmegate in Stavanger. At least from a visual perspective. This charming, colourful street in Stavanger is like a revelation for your senses. Take it all in - the sounds, the people and the bright colours.. And stay for a while.

Festivals and concerts

Music lovers - get ready to enjoy some jazzy tunes! Maijazz, an internationally known jazz festival in Stavanger takes place in May every year. Artists come from all over the world to perform. Or more mainstream music in the city of Bryne? A 30-minute train ride from Stavanger, they host the music festival "Jærnåttå" combined with a market fair during the day, "Jærdagen". A wonderful way to meet the locals! Or perhaps is chess more your cup of tea? Norway Chess also takes place at the end of May in Stavanger. As an alternative, enjoy artists of all genres at the Stavanger concert hall in Stavanger - a venue for the big nights out - take a look at their program, and find the event that ticks your box. Or simply stroll through the cobblestone streets of Stavanger perusing the street art everywhere, or walk the street art trail in the city of Sandnes.