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We have drawn up an overview here for those who always bring their cross-country skis on winter trips.

Some of us just have it in us, like a reflex. The sight of newly ploughed ski tracks in open terrain in the landscape, or between snow-laden trees. When the weather is perfect, and you can sense that you’re in for a great day’s skiing. It makes you feel that you simply must get out on your skis. A list of all the cross-country trails in Fjord Norway is available here.

We know how great it is to get out in new surroundings, and that heading for a new destination gives you the opportunity to make a real day of it, whether you’re with your family, on your own or intend to combine it with a visit to a ski centre. You can also treat yourself on longer cross-country trips to a stay in a cabin or other accommodation you haven’t visited before or to a special culinary experience!

We have many aces up our sleeve here between the fjords! From Sirdal to Kvamskogen and Voss via Sogndal to Sunnmøre, Norway’s favourite sport is very much alive and kicking! Be it in active sports clubs or popular cabin areas. An informal list of cross-country destinations in Fjord Norway follows below.

Do you want to ski for the exercise on your own or are you looking for an experience for the whole family? Cross-country experiences are listed below.|© Thomas Bickhardt

Molde – Skaret ski centre

High-lying and easily accessible Skaret ski centre is located just ten minutes outside the centre of Molde, and has great training tracks. You can ski to Langdalsbu, a mountain café that is open and serves food and drinks at the weekends.

Stordal – Arena Overøye

A large, family-friendly skiing area in great terrain in Stordal, which has been developed in connection with the many cabins built around the ski centre. Pleasant skiing in easy hilly terrain from Overøye to Fokhaugstova, suitable for the whole family, approx. 8 km there and back. Treat yourself and stay a night at the exclusive Blåtind Boutique Hotel outside Stordal.

Sykkylven – Fjellsætra

Sunnmørsalpane skiarena is the local ski centre for the people of Sunnmøre, located between Sykkylven and Stranda, where you will find plenty of free technique and classic trails. Great trails around Nysætervatnet lake, with more than 35 km of prepared cross-country tracks. Accommodation is available at Stranda hotel and good food at Fjøla Café, the stomping ground of cross-country enthusiasts in Sykkylven.

Geiranger – Korsmyra and Eidsdal

Few views can match that of the World Heritage fjord Geiranger, and you can find great trails in mountain terrain high above the Ørnesvingene hairpin bends. The active sports club also maintains a variety of tracks in Eidsdal. Accommodation at the venerable Havila hotel in Geiranger, long known for the quality of its food.

Unique landscapes with great snow conditions await.


Ørskogfjellet is a pleasant ski centre with pertaining cross-country trails, situated between Ålesund, Åndalsnes and Molde. Dependable for snow and well-maintained tracks – 2 km of floodlit tracks attached to the ski centre. Fjellstova Ørskogfjellet serves food and drinks and you can find pleasant accommodation in lovely, modern chalet-style cabins at Storfjord hotel.

Sogndal – Hodlekve and Sogn ski centres

Sogndal’s ski centres are associated with freeriding, but are also excellent starting points for cross-country trips. There are also opportunities for mountain skiing in the mountains above the Sognefjord, with a little help from a ski lift if you like! Both Sogn ski centre and Hodlekve have around 5 km of floodlit trails, so you don’t need to bring a headlight.

You can find nice accommodation, close to Sogn ski centre, at BesteBakken in Hafslo, a hospitable small farm that serves food made from local ingredients. If you would like to stay in town, you’ll find three different restaurants and a complete hotel experience at Quality Hotel Sogndal – we recommend the authentic Italian pizza at La Pergola!

Vik i Sogn – Vik ski centre

On the south side of the Sognefjord, beside the Rv 13 road towards Myrkdalen and Voss, you will find lovely cross-country trails with a view of the fjord in Vik. The sports club in the area prepares the tracks for maximum training potential – including the biathlete stadium! Get to know the traditional Sognefjord town of Vik, by having dinner and spending the night at Blix hotel.

Nordfjordeid – Harpefossen

In the mountains around Harpefossen, cross-country tracks can be found along the old road Trondhjemske postvei, all the way to Sunnmøre. There are many excellent trails in the vicinity of Harpefossen ski centre, which has 5 km of floodlit prepared tracks in the mountains, which you can get to using the ski lift.

You will find great hospitality in Nordfjordeid. Stay at Nordfjord hotell and make sure to visit Aske Bryggeri to sample the artisan beers and excellent food.

Gloppen – Kleivane / Haugsvarden

Above Sandane and the Gloppefjord, you will find a huge area of mountains that draw the locals out on their skis on fine days. Beautiful views across Nordfjord, and mile upon mile of prepared tracks at Haugsvarden – you can ski all the way to Myklebustbreen glacier when the conditions are good. Gloppen hotel is the town’s main venue in a stylish wooden building with a historical air and a great restaurant.

Many family-friendly options, particularly near the ski centres. |© Sverre Hjørnevik

Loen – lofty skiing on Mount Hoven

Take your cross-country skis to the top of Mount Hoven on Loen Skylift, skiing Norway’s new sensation. Tracks are ploughed at an elevation of 1,011 metres, which guarantees you a long season of excellent skiing. Conclude the experience with a meal at the fantastic, lofty Hoven restaurant, or enjoy dinner at Hotel Alexandra, an elegant hotel with several restaurants, pools and a luxurious spa section.

Stryn – Large network of trails

Above the fjord town of Stryn, you will find mile upon mile of well-prepared tracks in diverse mountain terrain. There are also many floodlit tracks and trails attached to Stryn winter ski. This is also where Tverrfjelldilten is held, a skiing race over 20 / 40 km that is suitable for everybody! Check out Hydlastova for great local fare from Stryn, and stay at Stryn hotel or Stryn camping.

Førde – Langeland ski centre

In Sunnfjord, not far from Bringeland airport, you will find Langeland ski centre, an award-winning cross-country arena run by local sports clubs with everything you need. Many kilometres of floodlit tracks.

Førde has all the facilities you need, both at Scandic, Thon and the campsites in the area. Check out the traditional fjord fare at Ete Fysst or Pikant in the centre of Førde.

Jølster – Cross-country skiing in Årdalen

On the north side of the beautiful Jølstravatnet lake and in Årdalen valley you will find well-maintained tracks among impressive mountain formations. 8 km of well-prepared and floodlit tracks await. Lots of great opportunities for fantastic skiing in the Sunnfjord region too! Thon Hotel Jølster serves food and drink, and accommodation is also available at the nearby Jølsterlia Hyttetun.

Sunnfjord – Vonamarka and Instedalen ski centre

Charming ski centre innermost in Vonamarka north of Naustdal, where the small ski centre maintains, on a voluntary basis, more than 4 km of trails and floodlit tracks, a lounge area and simple facilities.

Visit Håjen kafe in Naustdal to sample local fare and stay at the hospitable Helle gard.

Hardanger – Kvamskogen and Sjusete

You can find mile upon mile of fantastic cross-country tracks and abundant snow not far from Bergen. There are many classic skiing trips that will give you a sense of being in the mountains, and several nice ski centres and floodlit tracks in the area, not to mention hospitable hosts.

Ski in/out Kvamseter Lodge below Eikedalen ski centre, or take the opportunity to stay in the wonderful villa-style hotel Thon Sandven in Norheimsund.

Sunnhordland – Fjellhaugen ski centre in Matre

Fjellhaugen ski centre in Matre is situated among some of the most dramatic fjord landscape around. There are 5 km of floodlit tracks attached to this family-friendly ski centre. Tracks are also ploughed in the area around the ski centre when conditions permit.

Ryfylke – Haukeliseter mountain lodge

One of the Norwegian Trekking Association’s (DNT) loveliest cabins is open all year and close to the E134 road. It is also a great starting point for skiing trips in the mountains. Haukeliseter is the starting point for Expedition Amundsen across the Hardangervidda mountain plateau, known as the world’s toughest mountain skiing race. There are miles and miles of prepared tracks around the areas of cabins at Haukelifjell.

The food at Haukeliseter is in a league of its own compared with other mountain restaurants. It bakes its own bread and offers comfortable accommodation with views of some of the highest mountains on the mountain plateau.

Stavanger – Sirdal

Sirdal has one of Norway’s biggest areas of cabins with pertaining tracks that connect it to the neighbouring village Ådneram. You will find endless possibilities for classic and free technique skiing, as well as all the winter activities you could wish for, and there are numerous accommodation options. We recommend Sirdal høyfjellshotell for excellent food and a good night’s sleep.

Haugesund – Olalia

Up towards Ølensvåg from Haugesund, you will find Nordhordaland’s main cross-country area, where the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT) cabin Olalia is a popular destination. There are more than 25 km of prepared forest and mountain trails in the area.

Voss – 35 km of tracks

More than 35 km of well-maintained cross-country tracks await you just outside the centre of Voss, Vossevangen. The extreme sport destination has an active cross-country community and is home to many cross-country champions. Voss is also known for its great pubs and restaurants.

Check out the brand new Scandic Voss in the centre of town, or visit the authentic Store Ringheim Hotel for food and accommodation that ooze charm.