Spring marks the end of winter and the start of summer. The time when we slowly but surely awaken from hibernation and produce serotonin in our brains, which gives us a unique sense of happiness. The time when a dead calm sea, seagulls squawking and colourful sunsets are just some of the things we can look forward to.

Do you dream of falling asleep to the sound of waves lapping the shore, a view of the sea and birds chirping?

Relaxation comes quickly on the coast, surrounded by magnificent nature experiences, charming accommodation and a coastal landscape that is simply breath-taking!

Spring on the seabed

Following a long winter, phytoplankton bloom in spring. Phytoplankton, the grass of the sea, are microscopic one-celled algae that form the basis for all other life in the sea. Phytoplankton bloom on the surface of the sea, and underneath, you can see the different species of seaweed putting forth new leaves.

The Fjord Coast offers fantastic conditions for diving. The huge diversity of marine life, exciting diving terrain and the many wrecks draw divers from all over the world to the region.

Norway´s most beautiful archipelago

Once the winter storms have abated, the ocean becomes calmer. Surrounded by the open sea and fjords in Norway’s most beautiful archipelago, the conditions for deepsea fishing are perfect, and you can catch many ocean delicacies.

Fishing has always been important to the island communities along the coast. And there are still traditional fishing villages and islands where fishing remains the most important source of income for the people who live there. You will find cabins, traditional fisherman’s style rorbu and boathouses that are well suited to fishing holidays. You can also go on a guided fishing trip with a local fisherman and get tips about the best fishing spots.

Combine nature experience combined with a little speed and excitement. Jetski safari is a great nature experience, which can be combined with action and excitement if you wish. Jetski safari is something for you if you would like to try jetski in a safe environment, at the same time as you can experience some of the magnificent coastal nature and coastal culture Ytre Sogn and Sunnfjord has to offer.

Kayak in Norway´s Venice

The thousands of islands, islets and skerries set in beautiful scenery make the coast the perfect place for some of the best kayaking in Norway! Experience the archipelago of islets, skerries, sheltered bays and white beaches.

The islands of Solund, Bulandet and Værlandet are as far west as you can get in Norway – and they are often referred to as ‘Norway’s Venice’. The myriad of large and small islands, islets and skerries make this area perfect for kayaking.

Kayak between white beaches and perpendicular mountains

In Måløy, you can kayak along white beaches and perpendicular mountains. Experience old trading posts and rich wildlife.

You can explore fantastic, untouched nature on land

Cloudless skies and bracing spring sea air will tempt you out into the forests and fields. You can do a wide range of mountain hikes and walks all year, from spectacular mountain hikes to walks in easy terrain. Enjoy the views of myriad islands, mountains and long fjords. There are waymarked paths to guide you, and you can choose between routes of different degrees of difficulty.

Bring your bike on a island hopping trip

It is no secret that spring arrives sooner along the coast than in the interior of Norway, and spring is the best time for cycling experiences. You can enjoy cycling between the myriad islands, islets and skerries on quiet roads. Ferries and boats transport you between the islands, which makes for an experience in itself. The conditions are also great for cycling on the mainland, where you can combine cycling trips with great cultural experiences.

Create great memories for the whole family!

Spring is a great time to discover the joys of being active in nature, e.g. going for a walk, fishing or heading to the beach for a bracing spring dip. Visits to farms to see the animals is always fun for children and adults alike. How about a visit to the Norwegian Deer Centre on Svanøy, where you can see deer up close?

Holidaying in a cabin by the sea is an enjoyable break for the whole family. Plenty of space and relaxing days spent walking and on the sea nearby do wonders for children and adults alike.