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Winter on the Fjord Coast is a mild, green and stormy experience combined with a magnificent light. Sometimes we get cold weather with snow, however that is a rarity here, and when it comes it seldom lasts for long. The Fjord Coast is the stormiest part of southern Norway. The most reliable time to enjoy the storms is from November through February. We call the winter storm season – and it is impressive.

Enjoy the natural wonders

Winter on the Fjord Coast is all about enjoying the natural wonders. Storm watching is an experience and it is a state of mind. It is a time to see the sea beating the stormy tides ashore and listen to the rain drumming on the roof. Some days are sunny and quiet building up both nature and people for the next fascinating winter storm.

Romantic getaway

The Fjord Coast is at its most atmospheric and romantic in winter and it is exhilarating to escape daily routine for a few days to walk on cliff tops above thundering waves. You can choose to observe the storms from a safe distance or go out and enjoy the weather through great activities designed for winter adventures. Storm watching is often watching the waves crashing on the rocks from the top of a hill, a truly fascinating sight.

Staying inside in front of the fireplace enjoying hot drinks, snuggled in warm blankets, sharing stories and spending time together is an important part of the storm watching experience.

Local cusine

Fish and seafood are at their best in wintertime; make sure to enjoy some of our locally crafted food. Our chefs will make sure you will taste the local flavours both in food and drinks.

When the rain pours down enjoy the warmth inside the local shops and galleries, or perhaps go to the local spa to crawl into a warm steam bath. Our rugged coastline is a great contrast to the friendly locals you will meet everywhere.